This isn't your grandfather's status bar.

  • It disappears when it's not needed - taking less space on your screen.
  • It shows the file type - before you open some big old app by accident.
  • It shows the file size - did you really want to download that 2gb file?
  • It shows the REAL destination - before you get rickrolled. Again.
  • And it's PRETTY. - Like, Unicorns and Rainbows Pretty.  Check the Themes.

Oh and there's MORE.

  • Shows the link destination's favicon so you can easily tell when a link will take you off of the current site.
  • Lengthens shortened URLs, from over 250 different URL shorteners (thanks LongURLPlease and!) 
  • We're adding new Themes on a regular basis. You can even make one for us if you like.
  • Shows informative icons for non-web page URLs (pdf, zip, doc, etc...)
  • Also shows icons for alternate protocols (eg mailto:, skype:, magnet: etc...).
  • And now with 80% more unicorns!

Oh, and we're actively maintaining this thing. It works. Everywhere. Frames, iframes, no problem.

Find any bugs, let us know - we'll fix em up in a jiffy.


What's new in the latest version (1.3)

  • Fixed fatal error in message passing code that prevented USB from working in Safari 7
  • Possible solution to the Safari back/forward cache problem
  • Fixed conflict with Live CSS Editor
  • Removing zoom calculations as they are causing more problems than they are fixing
  • Some CSS tweaks to themes


Version 1.2.5

  • bugfix: USB is positioned incorrectly on
  • bugfix: reloading USB styles each time a link is shown pollutes the network panel of Safari's Web Inspector.
  • Upgrade to jquery 1.7.1 to remove "layerX is depreciated" warnings in console
  • fixed #157: USB broken on framed (frameset) pages
  • bugfix: usb height is incorrect on YouTube


Version 1.2.4

  • Fixed fatal bug that prevented USB from working at all in Safari 5.2 beta
  • Workaround for zoom bug introduced in Safari 5.2 beta
  • Better zoom detection when user zooms the page when USB is visible
  • Rewrite css rules to work with Safari 5.2 beta
  • Fixed bug where USB failed on urls that appear to be encoded, but are not.
  • New Theme "Safari Plus" (by Tunghsiao Liu)
  • Bugfix: USB breaks on all tabs opened after safari's "top sites" page is opened
  • Fixed USB fails to load on cached pages bug (woot!)
  • New translation (Dutch thanks Pepijn Koning)
  • New translation (Italian thanks Gabriele Destefanis)

Version 1.2.3

  • Auto-update list of longURL services
  • small changes to the widget initialization code.
  • rewrite message passing system to fix a bug that broke Facebook's chat feature

Version (bugfix release)

  • disable USB on (enabling causes a browser hang! #93)
  • disable on (enabling causes a conflict with scripts running on the rapidshare site, which prevents users from downloading files)

Version 1.2.2

  • new translations: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (thanks Eric Woo)

Version 1.2.1

  • bugfix: don't fetch binary file info from rapidshare, aroundthesims3 or imgur
  • hide USB when printing the page
  • new translation: Japanese (thanks Shunkichi IKegaki)

Version 1.2

  • bugfix: USB fails to work on google search pages if those pages were loaded by clicking the back button.
  • bugfix: #88: Workaround for Safari rendering problem when frameset pages were scrolled
  • Refactoring of ajax request code to add a USB identifier to all outgoing requests
  • Rearrange and reword the setting dialog to make more sence
  • #86: Support for Image Maps
  • Lengthen shortURLs if linked to through the service
  • Added option to hide the contextmenu item
  • New language - Polski (thanks Łukasz)
  • New language - Français (thanks Dylan)


Version (

  • New theme "Snow" (by Dan Deming-Henes)
    • /data/_uploaded/image/screenshot-theme-snow.png
  • New theme "Charcoal" (by Dan Deming-Henes)
    • /data/_uploaded/image/screenshot-theme-charcoal.png
  • #71: Multiple language support (including translations for Português, Deutsch and Español)
  • #68: More shortened URL services get expanded (over 250 supported now!)
  • #73: Option to disable USB on a per domain basis
  • #67: New "floated" status bar prevents USB from covering links at the bottom of a page
  • Refactoring content initialization code
  • Prevent USB from being initialized on about:blank pages
  • Style overrides to prevent css bleeding
  • Optimization of build frame code
  • Added copyright file
  • Tweak link destination text


Version (1.0)

  • New theme "Smooth" (by Adam Fisher-Cox)
    • /data/_uploaded/image/screenshot-theme-smooth.png
  • New widget architecture allows for multiple simultaneous lookups and lookups through url shorteners
  • Add descriptive text for link targets and support modifier keys for same
  • Highlight differences in paths
  • fixed #45: USB breaks if attempted to load before DOMReady
  • fixed #49: fadeIn waits for fadeOut to complete
  • Implemented #53: Option to disable site icon lookups
  • css fix: incorrect icon for zip files
  • Better favIcon caching
  • recreate the statusbar frame if a script destroys it
  • remove unused content.css file
  • Separate filetypes and widgets to their own files
  • fixed #60: USB doesn't disappear if you mouse out of the window
  • Support for unicode domain names
  • Reduce "margin for error" around left/right detection
  • add "tel:" protocol
  • Use the same font as the normal status bar
  • New "updateURI" code allows widgets to react to changes in the uri alter descriptive text when modifier keys are pressed
  • downloadable files now alter the destination to be "download"


Release notes for older versions can be found here.

Ultimate Status Bar is the first Safari extension available from the team that created the highly recommended Interclue and Lazarus addons for Firefox & Chrome, which have been collectively downloaded over 3 million times.