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Web directories have stayed a strong foundation for search engines. However, with the evolution of AI goggle updates, their relevance has been questioned. John Muller, a web SPAM director, stated that these sites were not as important as they once were. But that can’t mean all of them.

So, do we still have any relevant directories? Before we find out their relevance, let’s take a look at what they are.


Before the coming up of modern-day Goggle, web directories used to be the internet itself. They were an online list or catalog of other sites. Its purpose was to typically list entries about people, businesses, and their information.

People had little access to the internet because of low connection; but as it began to grow and websites began to pop up, website directories were created for easy access. Although only famous and popular sites were listed in the catalogs, as they increased they were placed under categories and subs for easier navigation for users.

Unfortunately, web directories didn’t live up to much fame. This was because the number of sites started to get too much and it took time making it inconvenient for users to browse through these categories. Most times, good results were mixed up with fewer ones.

Sadly, the web directory site didn’t live up to the game. This was a result of the number of sites and time it took and the inconvenience it gave internet browsers. At times, results were even mixed up. And as such search engines were developed. It became easy to simply type down a word and get a list of top results rather than having to go through a pile of catalogs. Nowadays there are even more specific ways of searching the web like using residential proxies.

Even with the drop in its popularity, however, most people still have access to these directories and make use of them, especially for online market strategies.


Earlier we stated that most people still use web directories despite their drop in fame. If you are one of those interested in using them, surely you would want to know a  place to find them.

The weighty thing to note while looking for a web directory site is the ‘pertinence’. With that in mind, we can now go through some bearing web directories.

  • BOTW

Known as the ‘Best of the web directory’. It was produced in the year 1994 and was one of the best sites with a majority of the US traffic.


Another decent website was launched in 2005. It has an installation approval feature that helps after the submission of your website.


Similar to the Vie-search in terms of functionality, the entire web is an engine that provides a free submission approval but with lesser features.


B2B pages is also a good directory website with over a million business links listed. It helps in the marketing directory and has been giving services since the early 2000s.


Mainly known as a business directory website. You can make mention of your business contact for more attention. This local website lists over a hundred thousand business links.


Spoke is a site primarily for finding business information, people, and interesting topics. You can add your topics as well as your company contact information.


With over a thousand active blogs, Blogarama is a good directory that fetches results automatically and in time too. It also has excellent features like free submission, free advertising, and business packages.


Searching for plumbers to lawyers to medical professionals to hotels and local businesses worldwide, E-Local is a website that performs well in this aspect.


About Us was a well-known site that easily offered links to searches. Now, you can even add websites at a free cost.


Since 1998, So-much has been a free web directory where you could find links sorted out by their topics and categories. After submission, you usually get approvals within a day or two.

Apart from using these websites, you could also try partnering up with a digital marketing agency like Tactica SEO agency which offers and provides services to clients of different industries worldwide. Their unique skills consist of creating, implementing, and developing consulting options for online marketers, including search engine operations.


Even though Google has taken the spotlight on web directories, they can still be quite useful. Before the submission of your link, it’s best to note if the directory link applies to the niche you want and can produce the expected results.

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