9 Organic Products for More Exciting Sex

Sex and all it’s cut out to be seems to always bring out the creativity in people. From sex toys including sex dolls to lubricants and porn videos, the world is filled with ways to make sex more exciting. As if that wasn’t enough, we now have to find cheaper ways to have sex and still enjoy it. Nonetheless, there are numerous products one can use to pave the way for better lovemaking. Most of these methods or products do not require ordering and shipping costs, nor do they need to be packaged discreetly.

Keep Things Neat

Whatever the toy of your choice, be sure to keep things safe and neat. This includes using natural or artificial products that are safe for human consumption. Here are nine natural products to help you while dating a blonde woman to have more exciting sex.

1. Aphrodisiacs

When sex is in question, or the exciting one to be precise, chocolates and wines always come to the rescue. Dark chocolates have the upper hand in boosting libido. Hormones are thrown all over the place for some reason and chocolates can be melted and licked off body parts for added sensuality.

2. Oils

Use lubes like almond oil as lubricants or as massage oil. These oils create a warm fuzzy feeling on one’s body, which can be translated to sensuality if used as lubrication. When used in same-sex orgies, lubes work wonders in reducing friction while creating added pleasure.

3. Naughty Food

This sounds interesting because it is. It also has nothing to do with aphrodisiacs and has everything to do with size. Many ladies have been known to use cucumbers and zucchini for added pleasure. Whoever said it doesn’t matter lied. If you cannot handle dating a blonde woman she will inevitably use a toy.

4. Hot or Cold

After a thorough rub down or some candle play, use ice cubes to bring things down a notch. You will be amazed at how much moaning you can create with ice cubes after turning up the heat. Rub that blonde lady down with massage oil then bring the heat down with small ice cubes. Thank us later.

5. Massage Oil

Use DIY massage oil to work wonders with body and private parts massages. These can stimulate a man or woman much faster than any aphrodisiac. The best massage oils are right in your kitchen. Olive oil and coconut oils work just as well as the expensive stuff in stores.

6. Natural Candles

These are not the regular toxin-filled candles we use daily. They are soy candles or similar candles that are ecologically friendly. The best candles have no toxic smells, meaning they won’t give anyone headaches. The best ones have cotton wicks and produce a radiant sexy glow on one’s body.

7. Aloe

When ladies need to lube up, aloe works well and is condom-friendly. It means it can add to the pleasure with or without a condom while maintaining lubrication. It also does not affect the skin and won’t harm the vagina. Many have tried and proven this theory to be true.

8. Naughty Teddy

Find a teddy made from natural cotton and indeed bamboo. Yes, we said it; bamboo. The idea is to get something organic and away from silky panties at expensive stores. This smooth and silky-feeling underwear will always turn men on while helping save the environment.

9. Grapes, plums et al

Certain foods can be consumed or used as toys to add spice to sex. These include grapes, plums, and of course strawberries. These are clichés and yet still they work wonders. Grapes being fed to a lady will always cause a stir. Add to that some whipped cream and the orgasms are on their way. 

Bottom Line

Keep it real while dating a blonde woman with natural foodstuff and you cannot go wrong. Your grocery bill might increase but it’s cheaper than visiting sex shops or ordering crap online. Women all over the world are enjoying cheaper alternatives to glorious sex. Try the same with your fling and make her your lifelong partner. 

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