Why Should One Watch Anime?

Anime is a term everyone has heard of. Even if you never watch anime, you might at least know what anime is. This is because anime has a crazy fan base all over the world. Even though it originated in one country, it has fans from all around the globe. Thus, anime has not remained a simple term anymore. Instead, anime has become a whole entertainment industry with a lot of genres and sub-genres.

There are plenty of reasons to watch anime. But the best reason is that it has a lot of content in each genre and subgenre. Hence, whatever your taste might be, you will find something interesting to watch.

Another reason is that anime is easily available. Sites like VH Anime give free access to a lot of anime movies and series to everyone. Thus, you do not have to search the internet for hours and hours to watch anime movies or series. Instead, you can go to sites like VH Anime and watch your favorite anime movie or series for free. Thus, you get free anime online on VH Anime.

There are other benefits of watching anime as well. But for that, you will have to know more about anime and its genres.

Anime and its origin

As we all know the origins of the anime industry are in Japan. Hence, it is obvious that the term anime is a Japanese term. In the Japanese language, anime means animation. Hence, the term anime is broadly used in Japan to refer to movies and tv series that are animated.

On the other hand, non-Japanese people use the term anime to refer to all the Japanese movies and series that are animated. Thus, anime has become a term used for Japanese animation.

Japanese animation or anime is a very popular form of entertainment. People all around the world love to watch Japanese animation. It has become so popular that even non-Japanese animation artists and cartoonists are trying to create an animation similar to Japanese animation. Such animation which is similar to Japanese animation or anime is called anime-influenced animation. However, such animation is not regarded as anime.

The anime industry is as old as a hundred years! The origin of the anime industry goes back to the year of 1917. A cartoonist and animator named Osamu Tezuka are considered the father of the anime industry. It is because he was the first animator to create the style of anime.

Osamu was a manga artist born in Osaka, Japan. He became the first person to create stories and characters for the earliest form of anime. As Osamu Tezuka started sharing his works with the people, his fame started increasing. More and more people loved his work and wanted more of what he was creating.

Thus, slowly Osamu Tezuka became a popular anime artist. As the demand for anime grew in Japan, other animators and cartoonists also started creating animations similar to Osamu Tezuka. Thus, with more and more content coming up, the popularity and fan base of anime grew stronger.

Slowly, due to globalization and the internet, people from other countries also started watching anime movies and tv series. Thus, slowly anime became a global entertainment industry.

At first, anime was only available in the Japanese language. Hence, subtitles were inserted in anime movies and series so that non-Japanese viewers can easily understand the plot of the anime movie or series.

But slowly, English-dubbed anime started coming into the market. In such anime movies and series, all the Japanese dialogues were dubbed into English by dubbing artists. Thus, the language barrier that a lot of non-Japanese viewers faced was further removed.

After the introduction of dubbed anime movies and series, the anime industry became even more popular. Now, people from all over the world started watching anime in different languages of their choice and comfort.

As the demand for more content grew in the market, some animators and cartoonists also started adapting Japanese novels, comics, and even video games into anime movies and series. Manga or Japanese comics became the main source of inspiration for such adaptations.

The anime industry is categorized into many genres and sub-genres. All these genres are unique and interesting in themselves. However, sometimes these genres are also blended to create an even more interesting anime movie or series.

Genres of Anime

As anime is a very broad term, it comprises a lot of genres and sub-genres. Thus, there are plenty of genres and sub-genres under anime. However, some of the most popular genres of anime are Mecha, Shonen, Isekai, and Shojo.

If you love science fiction movies and series, mecha is the best anime genre for you. Mecha is the equivalent of science fiction in the anime industry. Under the mecha genre, you will find all the anime movies and tv series that have plots about computers and robots.

Thus, if you love watching human’s vs robots or human’s vs computers movies or series, you should try watching a movie or series from the mecha genre of anime.

The target audience of the shonen genre of anime is males. Thus, all the movies and tv series that come under shonen contain a lot of fighting, violence, battles, etc. However, there is no rule that only boys or men can watch movies and series of this genre.

Everyone who likes watching fights and battles can go for the movies and series of this genre. Seinen is a subgenre of shonen.

The target audience of shonen is young males or boys. This includes small kids and pre-teens. While seinen is focused on young adults and men.

If you love fantasy and fairytales, Isekai is the right genre for you. All the movies and tv series of this genre have a fantasy-based plot. Hence, if you like to travel to a completely different world of fairies and mermaids, movies and series of this genre are perfect for you.

Shojo is like the counterpart of shonen. While shonen has males as its target audience, shojo has females as its target audience. Thus, movies and series that come under this genre involve emotional drama, love, heartbreak, etc.  You can easily watch anime of your favorite genre on the internet.

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