Fun Party Games to Play at Home

Whether it’s a party with friends or a family gathering, one should consider including party games as they are a great icebreaker and they can add some life into the house party. If you are looking to create a fun, memorable party experience with family and friends, be sure to include some games to entertain the adults. There are lots of fun party games to choose from. Following are some recommendations. Do not forget to prepare the game prizes for the winners!

  • Pass the Parcel

Fun and fast-paced, adults will particularly love this classic party game as it reminds of their childhood days. It’s also very easy to arrange as all you need is one present and lots of wrapping paper and you are all set. To start the play, simply start and stop music as the participants pass the parcel around in a circle. When the music stops, the individual holding the present gets to remove one wrapping paper or layer before the passing resumes. The game ends when one lucky participant removes the final layer and wins the prize. Find some party prize ideas for adults from this article.

  • Donut on a String

There’s plenty of mess with this party game, so it is recommended that you play it in a large room or outdoors. For this game, you will need to purchase ring donuts, ribbon, and clothesline. Hang the clothesline up between two high objects e.g. tree, etc. and then use the ribbon to tie the ring donuts to the line. Make sure that the clothesline is higher than the tallest player. Each participant needs to stand under their donut and start eating when the game begins. The primary rule to follow is that they cannot use their hands and they must eat a total of three ring donuts. The first player to eat them wins the game and prizes.

  • Guess the Party Bag

To play this party game, you will need a large sports bag. Once you get it, fill it with a few items but make sure there’s some space between them. Some example items could include a pen, an apple, ear buds, a tube of toothpaste, a plastic fork, a rubber ball, etc. To begin playing, get the participants in a circle and pass the bag round the group. The first participant is allowed to put their hands into the bag for ten seconds to feel what’s inside the bag. After everyone has performed this activity, give them pen and paper to write down the name of the items that they think are inside the bag. Whoever has written the most correct items is the winner.

  • Pictionary

This is a classic party game that everyone will love at your home. To play, break everyone into pairs or equal teams and write out ten nouns, people, objects, phrases, etc. and mix them in a large bowl. Playing against the clock, each round is just 30 seconds long. One player from each team will help their team guess the word by drawing it onto a piece of paper. The phrases could be as fun, silly or extra hard Pictionary words as you like, for instance “an upside-down birthday cake”, “a bird with one leg”, etc. The team that gets the most correct answers in a total number of rounds wins the game prize!

No matter the type of party you are hosting at your home, having a good selection of party games and prizes can be invaluable. They create a memorable experience and they are a fun way to spend some quality time with your friends and family. The games listed above will help keep the party vibes going.

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