The Need For Admission Management System

Every year when the end of the examination comes around, students and parents panic to find the best educational institutions out there if they want to change schools or get admitted into colleges. This rush is extremely hectic because multiple institutions are involved with a market of all students who might be willing to join them. This is true mostly for schools and colleges that have maintained good etiquette & standard and are now advancing towards catering to thousands of students every year. This means that they would like to upscale the experience of parents and students when they first get involved with the school to go through the admission process.

It is believed that if the admission management system and fees management system has outstanding features, the experience that feeds and send students have with it for the first time they get involved with the school, they would be impressed. It shows how the school is concerned about improving the experience of individuals. It is also a show of the quality of education the institution provides, and how a student experience would peak in the institution.

Meaning of admission management software

An admission management system or software is prevalent in schools colleges and universities for unifying a platform and making admission processes automated for the convenience of students and school staff. When the admissions go on, the school staff is also simultaneously involved in giving out report cards and grade sheets of the previous semesters. There are other development and training activity is also going on as the end of year or beginning of year sessions. If an Institute ERP  is used to take care of one group of activities, the burden of the staff is lessened, improving their performance and making things easier to handle.

In short, an admission management system is either a software in itself or a feature of the institutional learning management system that manages the admission process of every student beginning from enrolment to final entry examinations. 

The importance of online admission management systems

Dealing with everyday school admissions is an extremely overwhelming task for the entire school administration. The task of manually conducting the process gets difficult and other goals remain unachieved. Here are some important features that the system or software should have to make the task simpler;

  • Simplified processes

The manual admission process is flawed because there is inefficiency in how parents and students are informed, misleading coordination, and improper information generation regarding how the forms should be filled. The software which is instead being used should include the following steps for streamlined processing;

  • Verification of all collected admission fees
  • Automatically alerting course subjects to different batches of students
  • Customization option for admission form as per institute requirement
  • Ease in communication with students through email or SMS
  • Notifications for students and parents to remain in the admission updating loop


  • Secure data management

The data submitted for every student could be sensitive in the sense that their bank details, name, and personal addresses provided can be mismanaged by an outsider if they can access it. Hence, a login ID should be given to every student as soon as they fill up the admission form. This means that no one apart from the student can see or access their data. However, the number of students who are admitted can be seen through a common list that is hung at school and uploaded online in this system. Hence, only the name of the student is disclosed and no other personal details are provided to the institution for official purposes.

  • FAQ

Including a frequently asked question page at the bottom of the admission form or system will help parents overcome basic troubles such as where to submit the form how to upload it online and which documents to upload online. 

  • A parent or student support

Provided the FAQ cannot answer by a parent or student, they can contact the school through the admission management system or portal with the contact details given. Even if they don’t contact the school, providing the support number and email will ensure them that in case they are ever in trouble, the institute is going to walk them through the process.

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