How To Study Smarter Not Harder

Studying smarter instead of harder is not the art that every student can master. It holds great value in the life of every individual because sometimes efficiency is more important rather than looking at the amount of time at which you have spent doing something. To understand this, we have to first look over the advantages of studying smarter over studying harder;

  • A student can productively carry out their days rather than investing most of their time in studying.
  • Saves a lot of time regularly, which could be used to complete assignments.
  • Helps students focus on extracurricular activities and their hobbies.
  • Stress and anxiety-free assignments for students who usually face a brain freeze before their examinations by studying hard throughout.
  • Gives more time for revisions.
  • Better notes creation, and absorption of information through lectures.

Although it is stressed that studying smarter will help students more, there are not enough motivational quotes for students to promote this habit. Moreover, it is not simply a habit but a way of life that is developed due to constant practice. They first need to get in the mindset that it is possible to lead a specific academic life, and then discovered the strategies that will help them do so.

How to study smart

These are not hard and fast rules following which you can study easily, these are simple suggestions that students might apply with moderation. Without moderation, these too would seem like a routine, making it hard for them to concentrate.

  • Divide the workload

Studying for long hours you can decrease your concentration, and focus. Moreover, the brain finds it difficult to process a lot of information in one long session. It is advised to divide the topic or assignment into smaller parts which they can complete throughout the day with regular gaps and breaks.

  • Don’t make the routine a compulsion

A routine seems like a compulsion when students try to follow it to the word. There might arise other commitments throughout the day which cannot be ignored, and students feel guilty for not following the routine. Some amount of leniency is necessary to get in the zone and study as per convenience.

  • Exercise regularly and sleep well

Did you know that sleeping for at least 6 to 8 hours a day can improve your brain function? It does not make you smarter, it increases the capacity of your brain to absorb information and keep it in.

You could also try exercising regularly so that your blood circulation and body health improve. Overall good health gives you the energy to study without feeling tired. Don’t forget to take a rest regularly so that the study is don’t start to feel monotonous.

  • Constantly test yourself

Testing yourself does not necessarily mean looking over motivational quotes for students and improving on the problems. Sometimes students need to test themselves under supervision. For this, it could suggest some unique methods of organizing class tests if the school or college permits.

Parents and siblings could also help you out if they are willing. Otherwise, simply get in touch with your classmates and organize a group study where all of you get to test each other, either as a challenge, competition, or simple debate.

  • Get some time off the screen

A lot of screen time makes it hard for students to study because they think they are studying although they are constantly distracted by notifications, social media accounts, and other digital commitments. It tenses up their backs, gives them a headache, and makes them incapable of focusing on any other textbook which is not in an online form.

Some psychology research has proven that it is very hard to remember when students are learning from PDFs, rather than textbooks. Instead of looking at references only on a learning management system students should try solving tricky math puzzles with an answer over a book, or simply solve and write answers on a sheet of paper. This helps them retain topics and details conveniently.


Everyone has their unique style of studying, and no particular set of rules can define the perfect method unless they experience them all and find the best ones for themselves. This is why to study smart students need to understand themselves first and use personally applicable methods.

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