How To Handle Criticism For Teachers And Students

As social animals, human beings can be seen to work best when in the presence of others of their species as it allows for an environment that is conducive to improvement, both external and internal. Feedback is one of the tried and tested methods to achieve the above. But when does such feedback turn into criticism? If you have found yourself feeling criticized at the workplace be sure that this is much more of a common phenomenon and you are not alone in it.

 Steps to handling criticism

The first step to managing and reacting to possible criticism is to understand whether or not you are perceiving a comment in the manner it is supposed to be acknowledged. Many a time it is possible that one might be overreacting to a situation or a particular way of phrasing things. Usually, however, this is an indication that there is an underlying issue or complex at play that is making you overthink the situation and disabling you from taking it at face value. Because of the existence of such a complex, past experience may turn up in the form of an overly critical way of thinking which will make you feel angry or irritated at an otherwise possibly harmless comment. That is why it is important to understand what is the underlying cause which is making you feel that you are being criticized rather than being offered constructive feedback especially if you are working in a high-stress environment such as a CBSE training portal.

While the above is a form of introspection it is good to build such practices which help maintain a good mental balance and allow you to be aware of yourself and your surroundings. However, introspecting is often easier said than done for many individuals. If you are a teacher or a student or are otherwise linked to any other form of live teaching app and program read on to know about two basic strategies for handling criticism in an academic environment.

You cannot be perfect:

As human beings, we can’t act like machines. And even then machines can often be seen to break down and create errors. So why is it expected of teachers to be perfect? As individuals, teachers also have their quirks consisting of both talents and flaws. Just because they are in the role of an educator does not mean that they always will be acting righteously or will be a source of ever correct information.

While for teachers it is important that they acknowledge the above and do not beat themselves up for mistakes however foolish, on the other half of the students, it is important to not put teachers- both offline in a physical class or online in a classroom app- on a pedestal and expect them to be a source of constant inspiration. This only creates a greater gap in mental positioning and causes even a slight error to give rise to an outburst of emotions as the image of a perfect person shatters.

Don’t let criticism attack you personally:

Feedback usually comes as a means of communication so that you can work on issues with might be depleting your performance. Usually, It is seen that an LMS format such as a CBSE training portal will have a particular subpage dedicated for feedback. It is only when you allow feedback given upon a particular opinion or ideology you practice to define you that you are allowing it to criticize you. Especially for students, who may be subject to correction by elders and teachers, if you wish to tackle criticism and reduce the impact it has on you try keeping in mind that you can absorb critique and reflect a better mindset through your actions rather than simply becoming upset about it.

At the end of the day, you might still be finding yourself facing a lot of criticism that does not seem to have any logic or reason behind it and appears to be coming from a place of actual dislike. Well, keep in mind that the best tactic once you have checked any and all pathways to self-improvement is to just ignore such haters and carry on doing what you are best at. Don’t allow a little bit of criticism to bring you down!


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