How to Get Ready for Your CoolSculpting Treatment

The difficult part is over once your CoolSculpting treatment is arranged. The education phase – or the time spent figuring out the cost and details of your therapy – is far more difficult to navigate than the treatment day itself.

In general, there isn’t much you need to do. From the patient’s perspective, CoolSculpting is a reasonably uncomplicated operation. To avoid double booking your calendar, mark time for the appointment on your calendar and provide some wiggle room after the treatment. There’s nothing else you need to worry about.

For Element Body Lab clients, we’ll offer detailed advice on how to prepare prior to your session so that you have the greatest CoolSculpting experience possible. The following are some of the instructions:

Complete your telehealth medical evaluation once a year. Please re-complete the examination if your medical history has changed significantly or if it has been more than a year since you last completed it. Please call/text us at 214-897-3006 if you need directions on how to accomplish this.

Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your appointment. The fat freezing dubai is expelled from the body via the lymphatic system. Hydration is an excellent strategy to aid your body after your workout.

Your workout should be scheduled after your session, not before. Working exercise raises your body temperature, even if only little, which makes it more difficult for the equipment to cool the fat. Workouts should be done after a session, not before or during it.

For the session, put on something comfy. More than likely, you’ll be sitting motionless on a treatment bed for a few hours. Wear something that is both comfy and not too tight. Choose sporty clothing, such as joggers or sweatpants (not tights or yoga pants). Bring any compression clothes you have with you to put on right after the treatment, such as tights or yoga trousers. Wear anything you don’t mind getting dirty (or bring a change of clothes) so that if the gel gets on anything throughout the session, you’ll be ready for whatever comes next.

Bring something to keep you occupied. More than likely, you’ll be sitting motionless in a treatment bed for a few hours. Bring an iPad and headphones or a laptop to connect to our wifi and get some work done or binge watch Netflix while you’re here.

Allow yourself enough wiggle space before your appointment to avoid being late or agitated. Knowing where you’re going is beneficial. As a client, we’ll send you a calendar invite with details on parking and instructions. In the days coming up to your visit, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation with a photo of the building. You might want to allow yourself a few more minutes to navigate the building, especially if this is your first session and you’re still getting to know the office.

Plan to add 30 minutes to your schedule just in case we go over. It’s not typical, but appointments might be delayed for a variety of reasons. You’ll want at least 30 minutes of wiggle space following your treatment so you’re not stressed trying to get to the next item, whether it’s taking pauses in between cycles or finding the right location of equipment, or the dreaded “pop offs” of equipment.

On treatment day, we hope you have the COOLEST experience ever. Expect to fill out some paperwork when you arrive to the practice (we’re a digital practice, so you’ll sign everything on an iPad). Then, in order to have evidence of your existing body, we’ll take “before” images. You’ll meet with a specialized CoolSculpting practitioner for around 10 minutes to plan out the treatment and make sure we’re targeting the areas you’re concerned about. Then you’ll get into position and begin the therapy.

The therapy itself comprises the following:

  • skin should be cleansed and prepared
  • Use adequate gel padsand/or liners specified for the device to protect the skin.
  • Suction and/or support straps are used to position the apparatus on the desired location.
  • to guarantee the patient’s comfort, begin cooling

When you’re linked to the equipment, your provider will make sure you’re comfortable and describe the feelings based on the treatment region. Before leaving the room for the rest of the “cycle” or placement, they’ll stay with you as long as you need them to feel secure and comfortable.

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