How to Hire Great People and Keep Them From Quitting

Talented employees are one of the corporate assets that need to be kept at all costs, but the rise in resignation is alarming, and I must say no business is safe. Of course, the resignation will give your business the opportunity to hire more employees, but at what end since they will also be resigning soon?

Focusing on hiring strategy and retention can help you improve your business so you can hire more capable employees and also retain your outstanding employees. However, it is important you focus on retention first before moving to recruitment since that will reduce your workload for recruitment.

Tips On Hiring And Retaining Top Talents

1. Hire Potentials Only

Many job seekers are familiar with the sentence “a graduate and with at least 5 years of experience.” Most HR uses this in the job adverts since it is considered the standard way of hiring, but to avoid losing your employees in the long run, you should start thinking of creative sentences to use in your jobs adverts.

Geography proved that the world is spherical and not flat, and the world keeps revolving around its orbit. With respect to this, humans living on Earth keep evolving with technology, so an employee hired today with the stipulated experience will still need to upgrade himself in a few months due to the advancing business world.

Since this is imminent, why hire experience only since the experience will soon be outdated? When you have potential, you hire an asset that will keep himself abreast of the relevant courses to take and keep getting the required experience you need for your business. Experience is quite needed in jobs, but it shouldn’t be a yardstick for selecting employees.

2. Be Attentive To Your Employees

There is a reason why they say an introvert can’t run a business successfully since they are reserved in nature. It would be best to be an extrovert with your employees to know what they want and what they do not want.

For example, if you want to compensate your employees, some may prefer you do it publicly, while some will prefer you do it privately. You need to be attentive to your employees’ to be a good boss. Also, don’t just make them attend courses, ask them what course they think will be relevant to their career and to your business.

You can create private time with the employees any day to dialogue about things bothering their minds or get answers to questions like what part of the job do they find more interesting, what part of the job do they find challenging, and what part of the job makes them feel elated?

This will give you an idea about what they feel about your job and how to make the workplace suitable for them.

3. Collaborating With An Efficient PEO

Sometimes it pays to delegate the hard task; managing employees can be strenuous since they come from different backgrounds. In order to save your business the risk of losing top talents, you can collaborate with a reliable PEO to help you manage your employees’ payroll and taxes. They help you pay your employees what they are worth in the present business market, so they do not get tempted by your competitors.

The Global PEO will not only help you manage the payroll but also help you recruit the best talents out there.

4. Adopt Flexibility

The need to study your competitors is not just limited to when your business is still a start-up; you need to keep an eye on them always; starting with the salaries structure and benefits.

Aside from pay, employees value flexibility so much. You can adopt the hybrid work model to give them more time for their personal stuff. When you keep your employees happy, you have automatically secured their loyalty which will make retaining them easy.


We all think it is the toxicity at work that makes most employees tender resignation letters, but most times, it’s the working model of the job. Belgium, for instance, recently initiated a four-working day system for its citizens to enhance productivity and create enough resting days.

When businesses make the lives of employees easy, either with pay or a hybrid work model, they tend to give their loyalty to such a business.


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