Servant of the People Review

Since Vladimir Putin has decided to launch an invasion of Ukraine, the region has been cast into the media spotlight all around the world. For those who weren’t particularly familiar with the region before, it’s served as an opportunity to learn about the country, the people, and the culture. The people of America have a strong desire to learn more about Volodymyr Zelensky, the maverick Ukrainian president who has inspired solidarity and resilience both in Ukraine and around the world.

Volodymyr Zelensky has become the subject of much fanfare around the world because his career in politics was preceded by a career as an actor. You wouldn’t know though because his bravery and risk-taking approach is a match for any world leader. Those who are brave are always rewarded, and if you want to be rewarded, you should play to win big on a $5 deposit online casino platform.

The plot of the series

A saying that you will have undoubtedly heard on social media is that life often imitates art. Watching this series in retrospect is a truly surreal experience. Having been first released in 2015, this satirical series has taken on an entirely new significance now in 2022.

The plot revolves around a school teacher that is played by Volodymyr Zelensky himself. The teacher unexpectedly becomes a part of Ukraine’s political system after going on a rant about the state of the political system within the country. His rant was caught on camera by a student, with it invariably going viral within a matter of minutes.

In the aftermath of this video, the school teacher establishes a populist political party of his own, aptly named “Servant Of The People”. Whilst his political leadership was initially met with much skepticism, his charisma and integrity eventually endear him to both his work colleagues and the electorate. Against all of the odds, the teacher mounts a successful campaign against the political establishment and secures a landslide victory, securing him the highest seat in the land.

What makes this TV series so relevant today is the downright ludicrous series of real-life events that have followed its release. Three years after the release of the first episode, Volodymyr decided that he wasn’t content with just being the fictitious Ukrainian president. As such, he decided to establish the “Servant Of The People” party in reality, with the purpose of launching a bid for the presidency. In an incredible series of events, the party won by a landslide, with the TV Series now serving as a premonition of what was to come for the mercurial figure.

Availability of the show in America

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of thousands of people across America have expressed an interest in watching this TV series. Thankfully, Netflix has responded to the demands of its customers and has made the show available to watch on its platform. It provides the perfect opportunity to watch Zelensky in his previous career, whilst also observing the eerily accurate parallels that exist between what happened in the show versus what has played out in the world.

As a TV show, Servant Of The People has been met with critical acclaim across the world. Given the current political landscape, it’s an evocative show that elicits the entire spectrum of human emotions. Zelensky is an accomplished comedian who knows how to expertly shift between being serious and being a comedian. If you have plans made for this evening, cancel them because you are going to need to watch this.

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