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How to create an Instagram story?

Instagram has introduced lot of features from time to time and all features are more useful from each other. So I think there will be no end of Instagram features, because it is introducing useful features from time to time. All these features are used to become famous or to become rich if you are using Instagram accounts for business. So it is important to buy Instagram accounts because through these accounts, you will be able to use all features of Instagram.

Instagram stories

As we discuss above that there are lot numbers of features, but there are some features which are best from all others. And an Instagram story is one of the best features of Instagram which is useful for different purpose. This feature was introduced in August 2016 and Kevin Systerm release that why not create a feature which is competitor of SnapChat.

Through Instagram stories, you can post pictures, videos as well as text messages. And all these will appear on the screen through sequences. This feature is too much popular that more than 500 million people are posting their stories on their Instagram accounts. even you can check more than 1 picture through your Instagram story and after passing 24 hours, these pictures will disappear from your Instagram account.

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How to create an Instagram story?

As you know that Instagram stories is short video and pictures and you can post multiple pictures and videos through Instagram story. The users of Instagram stories are more than from Facebook stories and SnapChat. Because, when you will create Instagram stories, then there will need to spend only some time. While the viewers of these stories are also more than from 500 million people. So here we will discuss about the creation and posting of Instagram stories.

  1. For creating Instagram story, click on “plus button” that will on the on top left side your Instagram account screen. If you want to save your time, then you can get this step through right swiping on your main screen.
  2. If you want to post live pictures or videos, even boomerang through clicking on circle button on the below of your screen. It is not important that you can only send live videos and pictures through Instagram story, but you can also choose pictures and videos from your device gallery.
  3. If you will choose pictures and videos from gallery, then you can edit both these and add some text in it. You can also change the look of pictures and location before posting it as Instagram story.
  4. Now your Instagram story is ready and you can save it through clicking on “Done”.
  5. If you want to share your Instagram story, click on the option of “Add your story button”. So when you will click on it, then your story will be share on your Instagram account and all your followers can see your story. If you want to prefer it to save your Instagram story instead of sharing, then click on save icon.

You can share your story to only single friend as well as multiple people. This process is valid if you want to share only 1 picture or video. But if you want to share multiple pictures and videos through Instagram story, then you should repeat these steps as much as you want to share. If you think that this will waste your important time to select pictures multiple times, then you can use another trick through that you can select 10 different pictures and videos for Instagram story. For this purpose, you should select the icon of stack of pictures on the top of right side corner.

By using easy and simple steps, you will be able to use a world best feature of Instagram. And there are multiple advantages of Instagram accounts. So if you want to get all useful advantages of Instagram, then it is important to buy Instagram accounts.

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