Guilherme Rambo, who has published scoops about unreleased Apple products by examining beta software, says Apple locked his dev account for no reason. ( Buster Hein / Cult of Mac)

Guilherme Rambo is a Brazilian developer with a penchant for finding flaws in software. He has made shocking discoveries about unreleased products from Apple and Google. In December 2016, he wrote a detailed blog post revealing the existence of a secret feature in Apple’s next-generation operating system, macOS High Sierra. When he discovered this feature, which lets users search all iCloud data, he said he was told that Apple had locked him out of his own Apple ID. “The only explanation I got from Apple’s developer support team is that I had to take the OS [operating system] of the device I used to develop,” Guilherme told 9to5Mac.

Who is a Guilherme Rambo?   

Guilherme Rambo is a Brazilian Internet entrepreneur and founder of Rocket Internet, the world’s largest network of entrepreneurship hubs. At 18, he co-founded Kano, a company that sold over 100 million devices that would make computers easier to use. Because he makes great websites. Guilherme knows how to structure content in a way that helps people learn, remember, and discover. He cares about building sites that feel natural to users and loves the challenge of improving them.

Why Guilherme Rambo, has published scoops about unreleased Apple products by examining beta software?  

When Rambo examined software from a device that had yet to be released, he uncovered evidence that the company would release an iPhone twice as fast as its current model. Apple recently released an iPhone 5C that is half the price of its flagship model, but analysts expect Apple to offer a different level of performance for the 5S. Rambo’s research showed that the device was being built with the processor used in the iPhone 4S and the same level of RAM. He wrote a post last week showing evidence that the device is being tested, along with a picture of what he claims is the next iPhone’s home screen. Rambo has been called a genius by his peers for finding and exposing unreleased hardware and software.  

Why did Guilherme Rambo say Apple locked his dev account for no reason?  

Guilherme Rambo, a Brazilian developer, found out about this problem while trying to update his apps to the newest version of iOS. He had successfully updated all of his apps with the iOS 8.4 update but was unable to update two of his apps. After investigating his issue further, he discovered that he had been prevented from updating those apps by Apple due to the company’s change in their terms of use. Rambo had paid $99 per year for a yearly membership to the iOS Developer Program. He said he had not received any notification from Apple explaining why his membership had been revoked.


Guilherme Rambo is a technology journalist at TechCrunch. Rambo recently posted a detailed report about his alleged “beta” access to an unreleased iPhone model with iOS 9.0.1 installed. This is a big deal because it suggests that Apple hides an iPhone 8 with an OLED screen, a faster processor, and Face ID. There’s no public evidence of such a phone yet, but it would be a game changer if true. The only way to know is to look inside the phone’s hardware, which would require access to a retail unit.


1. What’s the story? 

Guilherme Rambo was given access to an Apple developer account. He was told he could use the report to develop apps for the company. He had been working on a project for a while but noticed he couldn’t use his account anymore. When asked why, he was told to pay $99 yearly to keep using the account.

2. Why did Apple do this? 

The company doesn’t say, but it’s probably because of the way he writes about unreleased products. He publishes details about new devices before they’re announced. 

3. What happened to the iPhone 5c that he was working on? 

The 5c was supposed to have a new, smaller screen, but the company made the switch to the iPhone 5s.

4. What does he think is the real reason he was banned? 

He believes it is because he is a “good journalist” and can get unreleased product 

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