In recent years, ash catchers have made a massive difference in the way people smoke their favorite flowers. They are compact, portable, and quickly attached to various smoking devices for a quick drag. The idea of filtered, clean smoke without tar and ash is what primarily propels most avid smokers to invest in high-quality ash catchers.

But to find a bong ash catcher that suits your specific needs might seem challenging if you are buying your first one. The lack of knowledge and a vast sea of options may overwhelm you and make the task harder.

However, by keeping a couple of fundamental basics in mind, you can quickly deduce which ash catcher is best suited for your smoking requirements and preferences. Some of these vital criteria are discussed below to help move you in the right direction.

Weight, angle, and size matter

Catchers are usually smaller than bongs, making them conveniently attachable to various smoking apparatus. But since most of the glass models consist of borosilicate material, they can be too heavy for small smoking pipes. Also, many folks prefer to use more than one ash catcher to enjoy cleaner smoke for its medicinal properties. They cannot risk using heavy ones as they may break the smoking pipe into pieces in case of accidental falls.

Therefore, consider the weight and joint size of the apparatus to ensure it fits smoothly into the bong. Also, the water level in the catcher must be adequate to give the device stability when placed on a flat surface.

Similarly, check the angle of the catcher, as they come in two variations – 45 and 90 degrees. The angle of the water pipe and the catcher must be the same for them to be compatible.

Catchers have genders

New users may be unfamiliar with “male” and “female” joints when discussing ash catcher varieties. But they are pretty simple to understand, meaning that a male catcher must be paired with a female joint and vice versa.

Alternatively, you can get a joint adapter to fit two same genders together if that is more convenient to you. However, there is a possibility of an overall weight increase due to this adjustment. So, consider looking for a gender that matches your bong joint as a pair.

What they cost

Ash catchers are pretty affordable, like bongs, bubblers, and other smoking devices. A straightforward glass model costs approximately $20 or perhaps less, albeit the actual price depends on the specific features.

Fancier variants can go up to $35 or more, which is still an acceptable asking price for most avid users. So, beginners can look for a robust variant within these reasonable cost estimates for a dependable filtering apparatus.

Some folks have their catchers customized, either for use or to collect them, and the price range of these can be upwards of $100 to $200. But it is worth the investment for many people since the designs are often unique and have an incredible visual appeal, making the piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Where to buy them

It is crucial to buy smoking accessories such as a bong ash catcher from a licensed and reputable vendor. They have a wealth of experience dealing with various smoking pipes, catchers, oil rigs, and other devices, ensuring customers get the highest possible quality products.

Moreover, most reliable vendors sell their products online, making it easier for people to browse through the catalog, select and purchase what they want, and receive the items right at their doorsteps. They also have seasonal discounts and a hassle-free exchange or returns policy, ensuring that visitors have an optimal shopping experience.

Finally, the cost of these products is so reasonable that you can buy several items in less than a hundred dollars. For instance, you can get a catcher for approximately $20, a bong for around $25, etc., saving a good amount of money.

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