Snap is trying to expand Snapchat’s presence in India by supporting more vernacular languages, rebuilding its Android app, and partnering with local companies. ( Marcia Sekhose / Hindustan Times)

Today’s top technology companies look to India for their next wave of innovations, and Snap is no exception. The company opened its first engineering office in Hyderabad, India, in 2014 and now has offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and New York City. While Snap has yet to have a significant market presence in India, the company is taking advantage of its location and entrepreneurial culture to attract the best and brightest from India. This includes hiring engineers from India’s top tech companies and paying higher salaries than in Silicon Valley. It also helps that Snap’s cofounders are Indian, having devised the idea for the popular photo-messaging app while studying in Bangalore. Snap’s India offices are even known as SnapBangalore, with the company’s cofounders referring to themselves as “the Indians” and Snap as “the Americans.” 

What is a Snap?

A Snap is a snapshot of a moment in time — an instant in time. It’s that fleeting moment of clarity when everything seems to be happening simultaneously — a moment of insight. For example, if you have a big presentation or interview on the day, you might not have enough time to prepare or practice. And you might even realize too late that there was something you could have done differently to be better prepared. But, like when you’re driving home on a sunny day, you can’t stop and think about every possible scenario that could arise. You have to keep moving. You’ll hit a pothole or a piece of road debris or be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

How Is Snap Trying To Expand Snapchat’s Presence In India? 

While the world’s largest technology companies have been trying to crack down on Snap’s business model, the company focuses on India. With over 900 million users and 1.2 billion smartphone connections, India has become a hub for digital growth. Users can take snaps and record videos for 15 seconds, which is being used to broadcast live, just like in the US. The company has introduced live broadcasts through the new feature that lets users share their stories with all of their friends.  Snap has been trying to make inroads into this market by partnering with online stores like Flipkart. It’s also investing $20 million in local advertising to help grow its presence.

How is Snap partnering with local companies and supporting more vernacular languages in India?  

Snap has already been working closely with local companies and launched its first vernacular language apps — Snap Lifestyle and Snap Fashion — in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil—Snap plans to roll out the same apps in other languages in the future. To support the growth of mobile internet in India, Snap is creating its content to feed the growing appetite for local news, entertainment, sports, and other content across all screens in the country. It is partnering with local companies to make its content available on Snap. Snap India recently partnered with The Economic Times to bring out the latest news in real-timeC on Snap.


Snap has been trying to break into India for a while now, and the social media company announced earlier this week that it’s now supporting English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, and Oriya in addition to Spanish and Portuguese. That’s good news for those of us who love watching Snap Stories but don’t speak Hindi or speak it very well because now we’ll be able to talk to more people on Snapchat with more ease. The updated Android app is also rolling out worldwide this week, but it’s now available for Indian users on Google Play. Snap is also in the process of rebuilding its Android app. It has partnered with local companies such as e-commerce platform Flipkart, online retailer Jabong, and mobile wallet firm Oxigen to launch its products through Snap. Snap hasn’t said when it plans to launch a version of Snapchat for iOS, though.


1. How can Snap help me? 

Snap will help you share your experiences through video and photos.

2. How does Snap work? 

You open the Snap app on your phone and can choose to share your photos or videos. When you have something to share, tap the camera button, take a picture, or record a video. Then, you can choose to make the content public or private.

3. What are Snap’s biggest challenges in India? 

The biggest challenge is getting people to download the Snap app. People need to learn what it is, and fewer apps are available for Android devices.

4. Why did Snap decide to launch Snap in India? 

The team at Snap wanted to reach the next billion people in the 

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