Here’s How to Locate the Right AA Group to Tackle Your Addiction

Is your alcohol addiction at an all-time high? Your counselor would have probably advised you to join AA meetings in Texas to help you get started on de-addiction efforts. Before you actually join an AA group, it would be a good idea to understand how these groups function and how they differ from one another.

Finding the right AA group 

Although the core philosophy and the 12 traditions of AA are standard to all AA groups across the world, there may be subtle differences in the way these groups function. It is therefore highly recommended that you visit two or three AA groups in your vicinity before joining one that feels comfortable to you. 

It is also important that you bond well with the rest of the members since you will all be supporting one another in the recovery and de-addiction process. Visiting multiple groups and participating in their sessions is a proven way to locate the right group. Ideally, you will feel less vulnerable in a group featuring members in the same age group and facing the same issues as you are.

Open or closed meetings – it’s your choice

While you inquire about AA meetings, you may come across references to open meetings and closed meetings. It is important to understand the difference between the two in order to ensure that you join a group where you will be comfortable revealing your issues. Read more about Anxious Toddler.

In closed AA sessions, attendance is open only for recovering alcoholics or for people who are still trying to overcome their addiction. Such meetings are an ideal option for people who are serious about maintaining their privacy. It is also a good choice if you want to demarcate the details of your addiction and recovery from your personal life. Closed meetings offer the perfect safe zone for individuals to share their experiences without stressing about being judged by non-members. 

Open meetings facilitate the attendance of friends and family members of recovering alcoholics. This is an excellent option for individuals who wish to include their family and friends in the recovery process. The presence of a dear one can be an incredible support for these people. It can also endow a sense of safety and comfort while revealing disturbing experiences. 

A positive space to help you heal

Remember that no matter which AA meeting in Texas you eventually choose, it will definitely be a welcoming space in which you can fearlessly voice your concerns, express your worries, share your embarrassing experiences and accept that you need help to get back on track. AA helps create a network of recovering alcoholics who support and motivate each other to ensure sobriety. A positive environment also goes a long way in minimizing episodes of relapses.

If you believe you need help to overcome your alcohol addiction, local AA meetings can be a great starting point. The AA Meetings Locator will help you find AA groups near you. For more information or resources such as Sobriety Calculator that can aid your de-addiction efforts, visit now.

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