3 Ways Biometric Authentication Can Help Avoid Digital Frauds

We are living in a ‘global village’, the rapid advancements made in this era have never been seen before. The world has never been crime-free, and various regulations and moral codes have been regulated and imposed from time to time. Still,  somehow criminals always find a way to carry out their wrongdoings in one way or another. In this digital era, criminals have worn the cloak of fraudsters, hackers, and money launderers to work on their selfish greed and illegal agendas. Organizations have taken various control measures to combat the misconduct of scammers.  The introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a good addition to this struggle. AI-powered technologies like biometric verification help protect digital assets against online frauds and cybercrimes.

Biometric Verification Online and its Benefit in Cyber Security

Biometric solutions work by authenticating the identity of the individuals through their unique biometric features like fingerprints, eyes, face, voice, etc. Recently, facial recognition is gaining popularity in security departments. The AI-automated biometric solution can confirm the identity of the users with their unique facial features. Facial biometric verification uses 3D mapping of the users’ faces and identifies their identity by comparing the face with their official ID card picture. This can be exclusively beneficial in the checks of login credentials. The system allows access after the successful verification process.

Biometric Verification: KYC is Made Easier than Before

Know Your Customer (KYC) validates the identity of a customer reaching an organization. Many incidents have been recorded where the customers come with forged identities and fake documents. Sometimes these acts are done for bank loans, and sometimes, it happens because fraudsters are trying to launder money through their bank accounts. In the case of money laundering, criminals try to hide their original source of income and confuse the bank with multiple transactions. The addition of a biometric verification system in KYC verification can provide an authentic verification of the customer’s identity. It is necessary before opening an account for a customer as it reduces the chances of identity forgery.

Biometric Identification Online: Protection of Digital Medical Services 

No doubt, online medical services have benefited patients in numerous ways. Patients can view their medical reports, book an appointment with their doctors, ask their queries, and get immediate help in case of an emergency. The problem arises when criminals try to hack the network and breach the confidential data of the organization. Data breaches happen in two ways; first is when the fraudsters use the stolen medical identity and gain access to the confidential records, second, when the attackers purposely attack the system using different hacking strategies and compromise the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the information. How to control this? By using biometric authentication on login credentials, we can stop the fraudsters entering with stolen identities and the hackers attacking by injecting the code into the system.

Biometric Authentication Process: Protection Against Children Playing Age-Restricted Games

The gaming industry is gaining popularity every passing year. Youngsters, especially teenagers, are particularly interested in playing video games. This becomes an alarming situation when youngsters try to access age-restricted games. Not only playing these R-rated games exposes them to unsuitable adult content, but also causes emotional desensitization in young children, which reduces their empathy level and promotes violence in them. Simple age checkboxes aren’t satisfactory as anyone can mark them.  Biometric verification can verify the identity of the user of the login field, before giving them access to the games. The inclusion of biometric services can verify the age of the users by comparing his face with the picture attached to the ID card, before letting them play an age-restricted game.

Utilization of Biometric Identification at Airports

For checking in at airports, passengers have to wait in long lines. This is not only tiring but is also unsuitable considering the current pandemic condition. For this, passengers want an immediate solution. Adding a biometric identification can be fruitful in reducing time wastage and providing an enhanced passenger onboarding experience along with maintaining government-assigned SOPs.

Concluding Thoughts: Should The Shift Towards Biometric Technology Be Taken Positive?

Yes definitely, because the world is stepping towards digitizing, we need a system that can work according to the current demands. The revolution of digital money is already in process and humanoid robots have just been introduced. If the proper measures regarding cybercrimes aren’t taken periodically then it will be far more difficult to prevent cybercriminals from attacking the system and breaching the assets of the organizations in the future.

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