5 Major Signs of An Anxious Toddler

Older people like us assume that mental health issues are only for the ones that are adults or in their teens. But did you know that the chances of your toddler feeling anxious are as higher as of an adult? Kids being kids throw tantrums, show emotions more openly, and cry a lot. These signs don’t let the parents sense the real issue behind this behavior. They just call it another episode of throwing tantrums when it actually can be anxiety. 

The doctors in the top hospitals in Karachi say that if the signs of a toddler’s anxiety are identified early, these can save your child from getting severe anxiety. You need to keep a closer look at how your toddler is behaving and how is he in the other aspects like learning and schooling. The other factors that can affect your child are the choice of friends that he has and also the people in the surroundings make a serious impact on the mental health.

For better understanding keep on reading the article to know about the symptoms and signs that can indicate severe anxiety in the kid. 

  • Phobias and Doubts 

The toddlers that are facing the issue of anxiety are much more in fear and doubts than the ones that are normal. The personality of an anxious toddler is far more scared and fearful than an average toddler. The differentiation can be noticed by the level of fear and phobia that is being observed.

The most common fears are related to birds and different animals. Also, some toddlers are extremely scared of different creatures, monsters, and bathroom fears. The fear of getting swallowed by the flush is the most common one that is felt by toddlers. Read more about Ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

  • Fixed Routine 

It is very healthy for a toddler to follow a routine but the ones that are suffering from anxiety need a routine to survive. What do I mean by it you may ask. Well,  by routine it is meant that the toddler wants to do all the tasks in a selected manner or fashion that is suitable to him and he gets addicted to it. If there is just a slight change in the plan the behavior of the toddler changes immediately and he might be angry to an extent that he doesn’t stop crying or whining about the routine breaking.

  • Follow Rituals

There are certain rituals that an anxious toddler will force you to follow for them. This includes them eating some of the dishes at a certain time of the day. They also demand certain shapes of cuttings that suit them, like they would ask you to bring the food in certain dishes or cut in a triangle shape.

At the time of sleep, they can disturb you or wake you up because they would want all their stuffed toys sleeping beside them in a line for a goodnight’s sleep. The toddler can also make you do things several times when they aren’t satisfied with the results that came out after the first try. 

  • What-ifs

The toddler that is anxious will ask questions repeatedly that involve what-if. They would ask you what if the ceiling falls or what if I fail in a test? They can also make your life difficult by trying out new stuff. They would be scared of trying new rides asking questions like, “what if the ride crashes?” 

Because of this behavior the kid might have tantrums and meltdowns where they can constantly complain about how he is unable to do certain tasks. Kids might start to miss school and stay inside even avoiding parties and gatherings. 

  • Clothing Issues 

Some of the anxious toddlers feel very uncomfortable in certain clothes. Some of their issues are with the jackets that they wear and also with the socks or tags of the clothes that usual kids are okay with.

There might be some clothing preferences that an anxious kid might tell you about. You need to keep a closer look for a better understanding. 


Toddler anxiety is real and can get serious if you miss these little signs that we often take very lightly. Keep a check on these above-mentioned signs so that you can get the toddler treated timely. 


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