What is ultrasonic teeth cleaning?

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a latest technique put into practice in the field of dentistry. In this procedure, the dental plaque or calculus (tartar) can be removed by using mechanical energy, in which ultrasonic tools and instruments (ultrasonic scalers) are used, which produce many mechanical vibrations on those stains or plaque (stick on teeth) that forces the plaque or calculus to move or blast away from teeth. These vibrations are very effective and harmless. Many dentist have used the procedure of scaling, or debridement for the cleaning of teeth before, but nowadays this technology has become more advanced way of cleaning teeth. Not only the dentists but also a normal person can use this technique, if he is aware of its functions.

Ultrasonic scaler:

It is the instrument which uses ultrasound to remove dental plaque (natural biofilm appears on teeth with the passage of time) very effectively. Dentists use this, to remove tartar in a very gentle  way that causes no harm to the teeth of patients. It sometimes produces shock waves that forces the hardened layer to move away from teeth. This process is followed by the flushing of water in mouth or any other antibacterial mouthwash, which is released from the tip of this scaler. It has two benefits, one is that it makes your teeth smooth and shinier, and the other is that it cools the tip of the scaler that gets hot due to the vibrations.

This pressure of water form bubbles that destroy or fracture the bacteria and create an oxygenated environment which is very effective and harmless for the teeth but really very harmful for bacteria because bacteria is anaerobic organism and cannot survive in oxygenated environment. It is very special and beneficial for the gum diseases as it does no harm to cementum (cover of teeth roots).

Cost of ultrasonic teeth cleaner:

There are many brands of ultrasonic teeth cleaner in United States. The cost of ultrasonic teeth cleaner depends on which brand you want to buy. But usually, it costs around $17 to $40. But cost vary from brand to brand.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a modern dental practice that, when paired with the appropriate tools, can significantly improve oral hygiene; for instance, understanding the various types of dental syringes used can help patients appreciate the precision involved in dental procedures.

Information about Ultrasonic teeth cleaner:

It plays a key role in ultrasonic teeth cleaning. It has some important functions, which make this technology different and unique from other ones. Some important points about the ultrasonic cleaner are as following:

  • It has a cleaning head that remove dental plaque.
  • It has an ON/OFF switch.
  • It has a charging port, so don’t worry about its battery life.
  • It also has a charging indicator.
  • It has an anti-slip strip. Read more about Pink Opal Meaning.
  • It has a gear up and gear down and there are five gears adjustable on this from up to down.

Is Ultrasonic teeth cleaner can be used at home?

If you are not aware of the functions of the ultrasonic tooth cleaner, then don’t use it by yourself at your home. You should know its proper instructions before using it. You should consult an expert dentist for Tooth Whitening Te Awamutu.

Importance of Ultrasonic teeth cleaning:

  • Instead of other regular cleaning, ultrasonic teeth cleaning is more effective as it cleans your gums very deeply without hurting them.
  • A hand holding “wand” is used instead of metal scaler that uses electromagnetic forces to clean your teeth.
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning can be done in short time than a normal teeth cleaning.

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