Checklist on How to Host an ATM in Florida

Have you thought about having your own Bitcoin ATM in Florida? Strange as it may sound, it is indeed possible to host a Bitcoin machine to increase footfall to your business. Whether it’s a salon in a mall or the convenience store at the end of the street, you can install a BTC ATM to increase your earnings.

Can installing a Bitcoin machine in Florida help you make money?

  • You can hope to make some extra money by installing a Bitcoin ATM in-store in Florida. Whenever your customers use the machine, they need to pay a nominal charge, about $2-$3 for every transaction. Even though the amount may be trivial, this fee means extra e for your shop.
  • If you rent the machine from a Bitcoin ATM provider, then you will not be entitled to the whole fee. The provider which is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing the machine, if needed, will get part of the money. In short, it is the surcharge that benefits the store owner.
  • Another easy way to make money by hosting a crypto ATM inside your store is to post advertisements on it. Companies place screens on the ATMs and sell their ads for running on them; this definitely boosts earnings for ATM locations and operators.

Steps to host an ATM in Florida:

  • Before you install a Bitcoin ATM, research the market, know who your competitors are, how you will fund this business, etc. You must compare different Bitcoin ATM models and then place an order. The operator you have chosen for buying or leasing the machine from will be there to help you during the installation process. They will answer all your queries about how to run the machine.
  • You must register all KYC/AML documents in order to run Bitcoin machines. You may need to complete detailed paperwork citing business details to convince the operators you need a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Once you place your orders with a reputed crypto ATM provider you can expect prompt delivery. They will help you set it up so that it becomes ready for your customers right away. More read about USPayserv.

You can decide to run a Bitcoin ATM in Florida on your own, or sign up with a provider. Running it independently can be a tedious task because it demands preliminary research work. This means inquiring about this business’s legal status, the licenses you will need, how to get permissions, etc. All of this involves both time and money. You will have to pay for the machine hardware and organize ongoing maintenance for it. Most importantly, you have to be prepared to offer support services for the machine since many users may not know how to use it.

Alternatively, you can find a trustworthy Bitcoin ATM operator like Cryptobase ATM for installing the machine in your store. This is an easier option and you must look for operators in your vicinity. Finding operators is usually not a challenge because they are always searching for new locations for their ATM business. Here, you basically rent the space and benefit from increased traffic to your store. But you have minimal involvement in running the ATM. Investments are negligible, but compensations are low since the operator is responsible for maintaining the machine and takes a part of the fees. For more information, you can get in touch with Cryptobase ATM.

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