The fastest way to get 4000 watch hours on youtube

When you’re a YouTube creator who wants to monetize your video through Adsense money, you’ll be aware that one of the criteria and requirements is to have amassed 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel over the previous 365 days. 

In a subsequent piece, we’ll go into more detail about subscriber growth, but for now, let’s concentrate on view time and the significance of increasing it through your content. Tiktokstorm offers high-quality Followers, Likes, and Views.

We’ll provide you with wise recommendations on how to increase the number of people who watch your videos and reach your objective more quickly. 

We’ll let you know the fastest way to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

The fastest way to get 4000 watch hours on youtube

Want to gain more Watch Time as quickly as you can? Discover our top hints and shortcuts by continuing to read.

Upload videos regularly

Your channel gets a lift when a video goes viral, and more people start watching your material.

However, you should wait to begin the video-making process to create a popular video. It’s easy to remain consistent on YouTube because only some creators can pull it off. Maintain a regular uploading schedule so you’ll eventually have enough videos to gain 4,000 hours throughout multiple uploads rather than one.

Create timeless content

Finding success on YouTube can be very challenging. However, you can simplify things by posting videos that are:

  • Potential inclusion in YouTube search results.
  • All seasons are pertinent.

What is referred to be evergreen content is this. These videos are popular among creators because they receive a lot of traffic and, thus, a lot of watch time.

Duration of videos on YouTube

A longer video will likely get more hours of viewing. That is untrue and could even backfire if your statistics show that people leave the footage before it is finished. 

YouTube monitors these indicators, and the more visitors who leave your content without watching it, the less likely it is that YouTube will promote it to more users. 

Making shorter movies that viewers stick with may be a much more effective technique than producing long videos that viewers only watch 20% of. How lengthy should your videos be? The response is as long as it takes to make its point. You will significantly benefit from editing and packaging your films as quickly as possible.

Live-stream on YouTube

50–100 people attended our first few live streams when we hosted them. Now that we have hundreds of viewers online, a lot more Watch Time is available.

Check out the two hours of live streaming Watch Time. Let’s calculate—for instance, 600 viewers on a two-hour live stream equal 1,200 hours of Watch Time.

Give live streaming a try after nine to twelve months on YouTube. You’ll have a few hundred subscribers, offering you a good amount of watch time for each stream.

More Advice to Boost YouTube Channel Watch Hours

  • Obsess about keeping audiences engaged
  • To obtain 4,000 hours of viewing time, avoid making lengthy videos.
  • Don’t “announce” a video’s conclusion.


Creating 4,000 hours of view time may seem complicated, but if you put effort into your content and promotion tactics, you can easily accomplish it. The most vital piece of advice we can offer is: give viewers a reason to subscribe to your channel by making your videos simple. You will attain your 4,000 hours if you keep showing up, posting videos, and working to improve production and content. When you do, we’ll be here to celebrate your accomplishments.

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