Is Telcoin A Good Investment?

Any investor good at their job understands the importance of diversifying their portfolio to succeed in this space. They know the good stocks like awk stock and cryptos as well. Aside from diversifying your portfolio by holding various altcoins, investing a small percentage in up-and-coming coins with strong fundamentals is best to diversify your portfolio. This article will explain a new crypto coin, telcoin, and all about telcoin price.

What is Telcoin?

Telcoin is an anonymous peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is built using high-end encryption. Telecoin has been designed to improve the privacy and security of transactions in a fast-paced globalized world of greater digital risks.

Is it Legit?

It seems to be a legit project; that’s why it’s gaining traction and the ranking on Coinmarketcap; it’s at 55 ranks, which is commendable. It has survived this phase from its launch till the date when other cryptocurrencies launched have died down, shut shop, and ran away. It can be one of those companies that survived the dot com bubble and boomed; this one seems to be one of those who survived the crypto bubble and will probably make many initial holders super-rich.

Price Prediction of Telcoin

The current price of Telcoin (TEL) is $0.01959. And I feel that this is just the beginning and till the time it comes, we can see this momentum. Yes, Telcoin is a good coin and can give you good returns in the future. I have invested $1000 in Telcoin in the past month, and I think my investment may double by 2 to 3 times in the coming month. Right now, I want to hold this coin for the long term.

So the next target for Telcoin (TEL) in 2022 is $0.04585. and in 2023 Telcoin (TEL) coin price can reach $0.095852. in 2025 Telcoin (TEL) price can hit $0.18. So it seems to me that the best coin after Cardano is Telcoin TEL. But this is my own opinion. My guess may also be proved wrong. So what I would tell you is that if you want to invest in Telcoin, invest only 5% of your portfolio. In addition to Telcoin, I also have Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, etc.

Why is Telcoin price spiking?

Telcoin recently hit an all-time high of $0.59. This is significant news. Since January 2018, it had not traded for more than a single cent. And, between then and now, it has spent the vast majority of that time trading at a hundredth of a cent or less. However, the times are changing. It’s worth mentioning that Telcoin hasn’t benefited greatly from the various cryptocurrency booms. It has kept its head down and appears to be focused on the larger projects at hand.


Yes, Investing in Telcoin is one of the smart strategies of crypto trading because this year, investing in telcoin will give you amazing profit. Telcoin is a suitable option for what is currently available. It enables users to send remittance payments worldwide for the lowest possible fee. Telcoin could generate additional revenue for citizens in countries that rely on remittance payments.

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