What is Tether, and where to store it?

Tether is a cryptocurrency with a stable exchange rate, which is at the top in capitalization and is the most popular coin in transactions on crypto exchanges. But what is it and do you need a usdt wallet online?

USDT – what is this currency?

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency remains an unregulated field, so for many cryptocurrency exchanges, the issue of working with fiat funds for a long time would be problematic. He decided with the advent of a unique cryptocurrency, which became a digital analog of the American dollar called Tether or 50T.

Very quickly, the crypto dollar appeared on numerous platforms for digital trading assets. Today, the volume of transactions with this coin exceeds the trading transactions with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What is Tether? It is a stable cryptocurrency token, the value always equals one dollar.

The key feature of Tether is that the token exchange rate is stable, it is not affected by market volatility, and the cost is always $1. Thanks to this, it is convenient for traders to work with the token.

And users for whom it is important to preserve the value of their funds and not suffer losses due to changes in the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

Where to store cryptocurrency: choose the USDT wallet

It is unsafe to store cryptocurrencies on the exchange: users do not own their private keys and do not control access to their funds. For secure storage, you need to use non-custodial USDT wallets that do not store your private keys and wallet passwords. We list the best ones for storing USDT cryptocurrency:

  • Omni Wallet

As the name suggests, OmniWallet is the original USDT cryptocurrency wallet. However, it refers to online one that are considered the least secure compared to other types, but control over private keys remains on the side of users.


TRASTRA is a solution for cryptocurrency users. Its wallet provides Third Party security and Low anonymity. You can withdraw your existing crypto-coins in Euros using TRASTRA card. Managing all crypto assets from one application has never been easy.

The TRASTRA application allows you to buy and exchange cryptocurrency for Euro and vice versa without using a bank account. 

  • Mercuryo¬†

The main thing for users is the optimal combination of convenience and safety. The Mercuryo mobile crypto wallet satisfies these requirements. These are not the only advantages of the wallet: after passing through a simple KYC procedure, users can buy USDT directly in the wallet at a favorable rate.

  • Atomic Desktop Wallet

Desktop wallets are quite secure but less convenient. They are tethered to a PC, and you won’t be able to use them on the road or outside the home if you don’t have a laptop. The Atomic desktop crypto wallet supports over 130 cryptocurrencies.

  • MyEtherWallet

Online wallets are less secure, but the MEW browser-based Ethereum wallet supports hardware wallet integration for improved security. MyEthererWallet supports the second type of USDT tokens: ERC20, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The MEW wallet allows you to store any tokens issued on the Ethereum platform.


Stablecoins have provided the crypto market with an alternative for safer trading and an opportunity for investors to hedge their assets with more stable financial instruments. However, USDT is not protected from market speculation and manipulative actions. On the other hand, these actions often lead to the growth of digital currencies.

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