Bybit Review 2022: Top 3 Bybit Review By Customers

In 2018, the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange debuted. It is a stand-alone derivatives trading platform that offers perpetual, inverse futures contracts with leverage of up to 1:200. Quarterly USD futures can be purchased at Bybit along with BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, and a variety of other currencies. On BTC/USDT, there is a linear futures contract. The exchange offers market players mutual insurance against abrupt price changes, one of its many technological advantages. Market depth and offsets for long and short positions both exist.

What Is Bybit?

A professional platform where cryptocurrency traders may discover an incredibly quick matching engine, first-rate customer care, and multilingual community support is provided by Bybit. This cryptocurrency exchange was founded in March 2018. 

Top 3 Bybit Review By Customers

Here are the top 3 bybit review by customers mentioned in this section.

  • Nicholas Blake (cryptocurrency trader, Leeds)

Everything about the platform, including its functionality and speed, is excellent. Why, then, do they make things so complicated? For instance, I cannot comprehend what “initial” and “maintaining” margins mean. Or, to put it another way, the substance is evident, but the calculation and liquidation principles are not.

The offset between long and short positions is not evident every eight hours. It’s also unclear how insurance coverage based on volatility works. For individuals knowledgeable about derivatives and their specifications, futures trading is a better option. Bybit is a fantastic tool for automation with transparent pricing. The cost of trading commissions for Takers and Makers is not increased. However, it will be challenging for beginners to understand.

  • Ödön Borbély, ( trader, Hungary)

This platform is user-friendly. One-click trading, a reversal function, market depth, and the ability to simultaneously open short and long positions on the same contract with various leverages are all included. Additionally, there is a clear commission policy without any complex multi-level processes. Take profit and stop points are customizable. The deal and its various terms can appear complicated at first glance. However, there is a demo. Ten open trades will help you understand a lot. I suggest it for beginners!

  • Theodore Schmitz (trader-analyst, Germany)

I’ve been involved with the Bybit review virtually from the beginning. It is much simpler to manage than other derivatives exchanges, albeit it is unfortunate that there are so few contracts. It boasts one of the lowest total commissions, which is a plus. The absence of immediate withdrawal to fiat is a drawback. You must first send funds to an e-wallet before exchanging them for orders. There is a fiat replenishment option (fiat gateway), but there is a 1.99% commission. Money withdrawal issues haven’t arisen in more than two years of business. Support claims that because traders’ money is stored in cold wallets, the danger of hacking is low.

Comparison of Bybit vs. Revolut at a Glance

We have broken down the findings of our exhaustive fact-based analysis into eight separate areas to portray the statistics of the Revolut vs Bybit comparison as accurate as possible.

See the general overview table below for a quick comparison of Bybit and Revolut’s key metrics. When comparing the total scores of the two cryptocurrency exchanges, Bybit has a higher score of 7.5, while Revolut has a score of 7.5. If we compare the simplicity of use between Bybit and Revolut, it is evident that Bybit offers a better and more streamlined user experience than Revolut.

Bybit vs. Revolut has been compared with Binance, the top-rated cryptocurrency trading platform, to help you make a better-informed choice. With a score of 9.8, Binance has the most outstanding overall rating and is regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency exchange providers, surpassing your preferred brands.


According to our Bybit review, It is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange that offers a dynamic, functional, and feature-rich platform for trading bitcoin derivatives. Bybit, however, does not represent independent financial advice or investment advice. One of the exchange’s many technological advantages is that it provides market participants with mutual insurance against sudden price swings. For both long and short positions, there is market depth and offsets. These facts are supported by the Bybit review summary available online. Unquestionably, it is the top cryptocurrency company.

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