5 Essential Camping Trips for Beginners

Going on a mini vacation is not only good for the mind and body; it should be good for your soul too. Spending thousands of dollars to stay in a fancy hotel, sipping over-priced drinks, and getting sunburnt beyond recognition isn’t good for anything – except your wrinkles.

Instead of returning home from your vacation poorer and one step closer to skin cancer, take a trip to the great outdoors or consider staying at one of the luxurious Barbados villas. Camping in nature is fun and relaxing, provided you do it right.

Below are five essential camping trips for newbies:

  1. Firelighters

Starting a campfire may not be rocket science, but in poor weather conditions and without the proper materials – it will be tough. You’ll be forgiven for not knowing how to start a fire unless you were a scout – in which case, you probably never got that badge.

To avoid a struggle, add firelighters to your list of packing items – they are super handy in a pinch and can get a fire going instantly.

  1. Camping Safety

Nature is beautiful, but it is also fierce. Take the time to scope out the area before you set up camp for the weekend, if things don’t feel safe, you then keep hiking until you find a spot that checks all the safety boxes.

Have a look around before hammering in the first tent peg, making sure you consider all the risks in the immediate area. Examples of these risks can include proximity to water – you’re not the only animals out there that need to stay hydrated.

  1. Lighting

If you’ve ever tried to walk around in the dark outside, you’ll know that trip hazards are literally everywhere. You can easily work around that problem by having adequate lighting with you.

Consider buying rechargeable lanterns when you buy a portable generator, one will help to power the other and keep you safe on your trip. If you think you can just go by the light of the moon, consider the times when the clouds will ruin your plan.

  1. Animal Safety

Bears are super cool creatures – they’re bigger than you realize and stinky too. You must have a healthy respect for wildlife when you’re camping because, technically, you’re in their home, and you may not be so welcome.

Ensure that your chosen campground has bear-resistant trash receptacles to keep them at bay. You don’t just need to secure your food items – toiletries can attract bears too. Keep your soap and citronella candles packed away in a safe spot.

  1. Communicate Regularly

Before setting out on your first camping adventure, make sure your friends or family know where you’ll be. If you decide to deviate and change course, send them a text message to update them. That way, if anything bad happens to you – the authorities will know where to start searching for you.

This simple camping safety tip has saved countless lives and helped rescues get implemented faster and more effectively. No matter how much camping experience you accumulate over the next few years, get into this habit and stick to it – it may save your life one day.

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