All About Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Like other bitcoin users are you also in the search of bitcoin atm? You can find the nearest bitcoin ATM where you can easily buy the bitcoins.

With the help of a bitcoin ATM, you can convert the real money into bitcoins and by giving the money you can add more coins to your account. There are some bitcoin ATMs that allow you to convert the bitcoins into real money such types of bitcoin atm are known as bi-directional. Bitcoin atm is also known by the short name of BATM.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which thousands of people invest their money. Investing money in bitcoin has always been one of the hardest questions ever. This is because of its variable graph. Most people think they will become out of money if they invest it in digital currencies. That’s why they always try to keep away from these types of currencies that any central bank does not control.

How bitcoin ATM works

Bitcoin ATM or simply BATM is a machine that connects with the internet connection. by giving the money this machine will provide you with bitcoins. The positive point of this machine is that it also accepts credit cards.

The main difference between ordinary and bitcoin ATMs is that BATM is not connected with the bank account.

Below is the list of the bitcoin ATM providers.

Bitcoin Depot

If you have the intention to buy bitcoins you have the option of bitcoin depot. Bitcoin depot will require your location in order to provide you with the right place or in other words nearest bitcoin ATM to buy bitcoins easily.

Some of the best features of bitcoin depot are fast easy and secure service. live customers support, and multiple cryptos offered. It provides fast services through which you can get a huge amount of bitcoins just in a minute.

The working process of bitcoin depot is simple and easy. To deal with this website you need to create a digital wallet. The second step is to sign up and verify with bitcoin depot ATMs. The third step is the step where you need to insert cash. After completing this last step tap finish and wait for the coins.


Bitnovo is the second way to buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Like bitcoin depot, this platform is also one of the simple and secure for the dealing of cryptocurrencies.

This platform also provides multiple ways to buy bitcoins. You can buy currencies by paying through a card, or bank transfer.

By installing the bitnovo app you will be facilitated with many features such as receiving, sending, selling, recharging, exchanging, and purchasing the cryptocurrencies.

General Bytes (GB)

This is another ATM machine that you can use for buying bitcoins. The method of use is very simple and you can watch the helpful video on the official website of general bytes or simply GB.

GB ATM also supports multi cryptocurrencies which include Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

All the above-listed bitcoin ATMs are very fast and helpful for bitcoins users. Nowadays these ATMs are available in many places where you can take advantage of them and can easily find the nearest bitcoin ATM.


The easy way to search for the nearest bitcoin ATM is google. For the best result, you need to open the device location.

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