How to save applications of your company from hackers

Security of the applications of an enterprise is all about the protection of the applications from external factors and hackers. The major purpose includes preventing access to public data, customer-related data, or internal data that the organization owns. The technique of securing company applications does not only mean securing and maintaining applications but also securing the essentials of IT like the operating systems, third-party apps, hardware etc.

Enterprise application security is critically important today and it is not difficult to understand the reason behind it. Every flourishing business has its operations running on online applications. All the data moves through various platforms and apps making it very vulnerable to threats.

The most vital factor for Enterprise app security is that data has become very personal. Everyday activities of the customers like conversations, purchases, transportation, connections are happening digitally, which makes the data susceptible to attacks and it affects the reputation of the brand.

Brands if hacked are remembered forever. None of the brands wish for such stains in their reputation.

Take a look at the various ways for securing enterprise applications strictly

  1. Educating Employees

Might sound weird but the best way to reduce cyberattacks is in the hands of humans. The negligence of humans is the major reason for cyber breaches.

Even if the employees are not in the IT department of the companies, they must be trained well to avoid the mistakes that could lead to cyber-attacks.

  1. Strict access control policies must be implemented

There are various tools that provide control and access only to the IT heads at the central level. They can restrict the users, networks and devices.

If the responsibilities are given to the companies through their IT teams rather than to the users, the risk of negligence is reduced greatly. If the controls are centralized it becomes very easy for the team to block apps and attacks.

  1. User Authentication that is strong must be implemented

The investigations on several breaches have revealed that 85% data attacks were caused because of weak passwords and compromised credentials. It must be noted again that the complex and secure credentials must be given to the IT departments to handle. The IT team must ensure proper controls and must ensure that all the controls are handled strictly. The teams must make sure the passwords are changed on a regular basis.

  1. Data encryption

It has been highlighted already, how the data that is not encrypted properly can cause data threats. It can be exploited, phished and extracted easily. Especially the data that has user-based credentials and data that flows through applications is easy to manipulate.

Using SSL that has 256-bit encryption can secure the data in transit. There are several solutions like algorithms and keys for encrypting, this protects the data from being deciphered even if it gets stolen.

  1. Updates must be done in time

Updating of the softwares, firmware and apps is not an easy thing, its tricky. For fixing a possible threat a patch gets released at times, that has to be immediately implemented and at times the released patch contains susceptibility because of which it must be rolled back quickly.

The key for these updates is the timing, the process for these updates must be followed properly by the IT team taking charge of all these updates.

  1. It is important to identify all the points that are vulnerable

The documentation of all the elements related to IT like the hardware, the elements of the network, and all the applications must be created on the premises as well as on the cloud. This creates transparency and improves tracking and monitoring of the processes. With the help of this method, all the elements get covered and no loopholes are there in the security which results in protecting the entire IT department.

The appointed manager can integrate all the elements in the IT ecosystem for proper monitoring. All the endpoints must be analyzed well for threats and attacks.

  1. Monitoring, tracking, and attacking

The available systems like Dyna trace or SCOM by Microsoft must be used for tracking and monitoring the hardware, applications, and networks. They are armed to recognize the threats, analyze the abnormal and erratic behavior, and send notifications for possible threats. These systems are of great help for companies to take active measures to alleviate data threats and leaks.

Solutions for cyber safety like antivirus and malware protection must be added to every device and app within the company. The executive level and all other employees must have it.

  1. Security must be made a part of the business course

Security examination, testing, and setting must be a fragment of the lifecycle of the business. Executing drills, training the team, and testing the applications, hardware, and software at regular intervals ensures safety, so it must be a compulsory practice for the IT managers.

When a mindset is formed for regularly checking and improving security, it helps in staying on top of all the elements in the organization for app security. The team is always alert and prepared to act in case of any threat or attack. The attacks can occur at any time within seconds. If you are not prepared in advance, it can become a challenge to handle these threats.

The landscape of technology is ever-evolving, you can never be 100% secured as with changes risks arise. Internet is a norm around the world in almost all organizations. The level with which everything is connected calls for more risks and threats.

Modern technology like ML and AI do open up possible risks but that must not stop the companies from implementing them. As technology is at its best when given control. With advanced technology the performance and productivity increase manifolds, in spite of small risks associated with it.

Security is just like any other business target. It must be a joint responsibility of the organization and the employees to achieve it.

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