7 Ways to Enjoy Amsterdam This Spring

When seeing the world’s greatest cities, it’s all about timing. Chicago in the summer, New York in autumn are just two examples. But which season is most ideal for Amsterdam, a city with so much character and history to offer?

Amsterdam can be enjoyed any time of year, no doubt, but in this article, we’ll explain why spring is the time to go. We’ll cover why the evergreen attractions are best suited for springtime, and how to make the most of your trip with some practical tips. 

This is Amsterdam the way it’s meant to be seen, so let’s dive right in.

1. Try Some Unique Transportation

If there’s one area where the Netherlands excels, it’s in green alternative transportation methods. Unlike America, it’s not a car culture in Amsterdam, and if you’re visiting in the springtime, that’s great news!

You can pedal a bicycle, hop a trolley, or even float up and down the many rivers by boat. Amsterdam is relatively small compared to sprawling US cities, so you can make your way around with ease and not worry about mileage.

2. Get Out Into the Gardens

Amsterdam boasts one of the highest concentrations of public gardens per capita on the European continent. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you visit the city when everything is in full bloom after the winter chill has thawed.

Expect to see blossom-filled trees and tulips galore when you stop by a garden in any corner of the city. You won’t need an umbrella, either, because April is a surprisingly dry month in Amsterdam. It’s like the city was destined to be the perfect springtime spot!

3. Browse the Many Street Markets

If shopping is your thing, why not support local vendors and make the most of the beautiful weather that Amsterdam has to offer in the spring? This is the ultimate combo for anyone visiting, and it’s all made possible by the vibrant street market scene.

You can find everything from produce to artwork and even special baked goods for grown-ups at these markets if you know where to look. There’s something for everyone, and as long as you show up with some crisp Euro notes, you’ll be more than welcome.

4. See the Windmill Capital of Europe

Ready for a postcard-picture moment that looks even better in real life? That’s what you can expect by visiting the world-famous windmills located in and around the city of Amsterdam. 

While these unique Dutch windmills are not as numerous as they once were, you can still find nearly 1,000 throughout the region, each with its own history and cool characteristics to uncover.

The most accessible open-air museum featuring windmills is the Zaanse Schans, just 20 minutes outside the city center. Every April it opens to the public for free, so be sure to stop by. 

5. Celebrate King’s Day

Cultures around the world see the spring equinox as a celebration of life, and it’s no different in Amsterdam. Dozens of festivals and parties are held in the city from April to June, including the King’s Day celebration that takes place on April 27th each year. 

On this day, everyone – especially the locals – dresses up in orange and hits the streets for days-long festivities. You can find signature bites, beverages, and plenty of national pride from the people of this great city. 

This tradition has been ongoing for hundreds of years, so why not jump on the bandwagon? If you’re just passing through for the festival, be sure to line up luggage storage in Amsterdam so that you can enjoy the bash without your bags. 

6. Check Off the Tourist To-Do’s

The National Museum, the Royal Palace, the Van Gogh Collection, and more – Amsterdam has its fair share of tourist attractions that need to be seen. 

These may not be your top priorities as a first-time visitor, especially if you want to spend most of your experience outdoors during spring. However, you should create an ultimate Amsterdam bucket list so that you never run out of things to see on return visits.

This is a city that has so much to offer, that you’re going to need a second or third getaway at some point. 

7. Explore at Your Own Pace

Sometimes, the best approach to a new city is just to scrap the game plan and let things flow naturally. For a relaxed and charming experience, there’s no better place than Amsterdam in the spring. 

The laid-back vibe of the city is one-of-a-kind, so don’t rush it! Slow down the pace and see what Amsterdam is all about. 

Put Amsterdam on Your Spring Travel List

Some cities are just best seen during spring, and that’s certainly the case for Amsterdam. The city is accessible and can be done affordably, so make it part of your plan this year. 

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