What is Pachinko? Types and Tips on How to Win at a Casino

If you’ve always wanted to visit Japan and at the same time you like to gamble, then you might want to check out the game that can bring Japan to you. Pachinko is a bright, colorful, and glamorous game played in many Pachinko parlors in Japan. These are very similar to casino slot machines, and it’s an easy game to play, mainly depending on luck. If you are interested in this game, take a look at how it’s played, the types of Pachinko, and how to win at a casino.

The history of Pachinko and how it’s played

The Pachinko games were invented in Japan during the 1920s. At first, they were designed to be children’s toys, but nowadays, the game is played by many adults in spaces explicitly dedicated to pachinkos. These parlors are called Pachinko parlors and can be found all over Japan. The game is regulated by the Japanese government and is a significant matter in the sense of revenue. The Pachinko revenue is so high that it is estimated to be around 200 billion dollars per year. 

In case you came across this game, you have probably asked yourself questions such as what is the pachinko game and how is it played? One thing is for sure – the game of Pachinko is a very unique game that is enjoyed by millions of people globally. It’s a combination of a slot machine, a pinball machine, and an arcade game. Sounds interesting, right?

Pachinko is a very straightforward game as it doesn’t require any more skill than playing pinball. The first thing you need to know is that the game is actually the machine. These special machines shoot small balls at a swift pace. The balls cascade down and bounce off, and are controlled and directed by a series of pins that will eventually drop towards the center at the bottom. The bottom contains a hole protected by two tiny doors on each side. This means that if the doors are closed, only one ball can slip through the hole. Read more about tfbo.

Types of Pachinko

Apart from playing Pachinko at a classic Pachinko parlor in Japan, it’s possible to play it online as well. Online Pachinko games are designed to suit the needs of today’s digital gaming markets. This being said, online Pachinko is available in two distinct formats:

Standard online pachinko

If a player likes to play slots and casino games on a larger screen format provided by their desktop computer or laptops, they should definitely try the standard online Pachinko. This format contains all of the elements and features that are designed to provide you with a fantastic desktop gaming experience.

Mobile Pachinko

On the other hand, plenty of players prefer to play their games on their mobile phones. The main attraction of the mobile Pachinko is that players can play this game wherever and whenever they like. The mobile Pachinko has been completely optimized to work on most smartphones and tablets, and the game includes touch screen controls and a slightly different layout (to match the format of the mobile phone screen). 

Tips on how to play Pachinko

Since it’s an exotic game from a different continent, Pachinko can be very intimidating for all first-timers. However, there are certain tips and tricks that all of us need to bear in mind before playing this traditional Japanese game:

Choose a machine with a few wins

Before playing Pachinko, make sure to read the stats that you find at the top of every Pachinko machine. You will get to see two icons; the smaller one indicates the number of wins it’s had so far, while the bigger one represents the number of spins the machine has made. The best device to play only has a few wins and a lot of spins as they increase your chances of winning.

Take your time

Contrary to other games played at casinos, Pachinko requires time and patience. The game’s pace is slower than classic slot machines, which means that it can take longer to win massive payouts. Another important thing to remember is that Pachinkos can sometimes pay out during the day, while others payout at night. The secret to winning is knowing the patterns and when to play them. Read more about straight web slots.

Control the speed

You can control the speed by twisting the amount of control on the speed button and making small adjustments that can change the path of the ball to control the bonuses located all over the board. Each ball that goes in the hole gets rewards. You can be rewarded in two ways:

  • When you get approximately ten free balls 
  • When you get a free spin on the virtual Pachinko

The four steps on how to play Pachinko

  1. Exchange your cash for steel balls.
  2. Place your balls on the tray and swing the lever that is positioned at the side of the machine. The flipper will launch the ball into the machine.
  3. When you land enough balls in the special holes, more steel balls will come out as a prize. Accumulate these balls to exchange for cash prizes.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with how much you’ve earned, exchange your balls for cash prizes.


Pachinko is an incredibly important part of the Japanese gaming culture, and it’s for a good reason. This is an addictive and fun game that can ultimately bring you a lot of cash!

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