Everyone wants entertainment in life some people entertain themselves by playing outdoor activities, some do indoor activities, some by eating their favorite meal, and so many activities. Indoor games like playing cards, rummy, carom, chess, snake &ladder or so many games. Today rummy is a very popular game and no age limit for rummy. Our youth, as well as old people, also love to play rummy. Now people play rummy online with their friends who are so far away from them. Sometimes there is reward online also like rummy 100 rupees free, any movie coupons free, special discount on a particular brand, etc. some remarkable tips are as follows:

  • Pure sequence: the first main motive of the player is to obtain a pure sequence at least once. The pure sequence of three cards in the same suite and a player must know the highest or lowest pure sequence.
  • Play till the end: sometimes a player feels the opponent is strong and fears loss sometime he/she may quit but if you have at least one pure sequence must wait and sometime in the end game will come in your favor.
  • Must know discarded cards: when a player discards cards he or must know and he also knows his/her opponent which card s discarding. It is a brain game that must play wisely.
  • Must keep joker: joker is a bigger role in rummy because sometimes you don’t want your opponent to pick a card and when you obtain a sequence and if you have more jokers then you have more chances of victory.
  • Play wisely: this is a brain game and plays with full concentration because you know about every move of yours as well as the opponent picking and dropping cards and must keep in mind before his/her sequence your sequence must be strong.
  • Bluffing: this is a tricky game and by trick, you may also win. Never give any clue to your opponent to judge about your cards and discard cards of higher value if no use in this way your opponent feel you have a low value of the sequence.
  • Organize cards properly: when you are going to play must arrange cards in such a manner that you know the right time of picking a card or dropping a card and not do any mistakes.
  • Don’t hold a card for a long time: don’t stay with one card for so long because sometimes in the case of choosing many cards you may miss and discard cards wisely and change your statement with your moves. Don’t be fussy with one card.


Rummy is a stress-free game and by playing you feel relaxed all these above tips if you follow you will win in the game. The main aim is to obtain pure sequence, but also watch your opponent how he/she is playing. Also, play the game till the end because you never know when the game will come into your hand. This is a tricky game and sometimes bluff will work if luck is not working. Always keep jokers, remember many more jokers more chances of winning.


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