Cryptocurrency – the benefits of working with a crypto exchange is not just an exchanger but a project created by a team of like-minded people who believe in cryptoeconomics. It doesn’t matter what the course is since the main purpose of the resource is to provide services to crypto enthusiasts and share their experiences. People who believe that cryptocurrency is the future have created a service they would like to use to swap xmr to btc: simple, fast, and reliable, that is, one that did not exist before they entered this field. 

The development of started with gathering business requirements. Many surveys show that there are three main criteria that crypto traders check when choosing an exchange service: 

  • rates; 
  • transaction speed; 
  • reliability of the service.

Each client of a crypto exchanger wants to receive money quickly and safely without overpaying. And created such an object to meet the highest expectations of customers.

Taking into account the nature of the cryptocurrency market, it was decided not to collect and store customers’ personal information. In this way, the team demonstrates that they respect the information that forms a financial secret. Moreover, this policy reduces the risks associated with hacker attacks and information leakage. It is impossible to get confidential information from the platform because it does not exist there.

What is now?

Now is one of the fastest exchange services on the market – order execution time of busd to bnb swap varies from 5 to 30 minutes. What else can he be proud of?

The time depends on the speed of confirmation in the decentralized network: more time is required for amounts over 1 BTC.

The reliability of the service is based on modern security protocols and the physical protection of servers.

For experienced crypto enthusiasts, an exchange of more than 200 coins is offered without restrictions on the exchanger.

And yes, the service offers an excellent affiliate program that makes the exchange of cryptocurrencies even more profitable.

What does the platform offer users?

It completes confidentiality in the best cryptocurrency traditions. They get the opportunity to track the course in real-time. They provide with more than two hundred currency pairs for this. Ripple, Bitcoin, IOTA, Monero, Ethereum, and Zcash are only a small part of the large list of crypto coins available for exchange on At the same time, the exchanger does not work with fiat currencies.

Making an exchange on this platform is simple – according to the principle of operation. It works with advanced transaction protection protocols and high exchange speed. The automatic search for the most profitable offers among partners and fixing the exchange rate at the time of the transaction make the process as profitable as possible.

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