NumLooker Review: How To Search and Identify a Suspicious Caller By Number Online

Searching for a Suspicious Caller Online


A reverse phone lookup entails an online utility used to search and identify suspicious callers by their phone numbers.

A reverse phone lookup service can be used for the following:

  • Check details of suspicious phone numbers

Every one of us has at some point gotten a call or two from suspicious cell phone numbers. Perhaps, a telemarketer, a scammer, or more troubling an ex who just wouldn’t let go. 

Reverse phone lookup services help to mitigate these challenges by showing all associated details of the ‘unknown’ caller in the database. 

These details may include photos of the registered owner, the registered address of the owner, and other details that could potentially expose the identity of your mystery caller.

  • Monitor shady calls of your child

It’s easy to term the act of looking out for your child as an invasion of privacy when you’ve never had to deal with the challenges associated with raising a teenager hell-bent on self-destruction. 

Following your instincts is a large part of the job, and if your child’s caller seems off to you, you can be sure that there’s something wrong with that caller. In such a scenario, it’s ok to do a little snooping with the number of this friend on one hand, and an online free reverse phone lookup utility on the other.

You could foil a potential kidnap or elaborate scam before things get out of hand.

Overview of NumLooker

In this article, we’ve looked at a number of real-life applications for reverse phone lookup. However, we failed to mention a sterling example of a reverse phone lookup service.

NumLooker is a leading reverse phone lookup service used to identify suspicious callers online. Some of the features that make NumLooker an exceptional tool include but are not limited to the following

  • Easy-to-use interface

NumLooker wins a lot of acclaim for its simple and straightforward graphical user interface which guarantees effective usage by all regardless of education level, age, or exposure.

Even non-English speakers can quite frankly understand the online utility and what it does at first glance.

  • Free basic reports

While a comprehensive report is sure to cost users of this service, a basic report showing the mere details associated with a mobile number is completely free for all. This means that users can access this service without having to pay and get relevant information on suspicious cell phone numbers.

What Can You Get From a Reverse Phone Lookup? 

A reverse phone lookup offers much information depending on the broker you use. With NumLooker you should have access to a full report containing details sure to make the identification of the suspicious caller known. 

Here are some of the information you can get from a reverse phone lookup with NumLooker. Click here to know more about reverse phone lookup.

Registered Address

This is an extremely helpful clue in uncovering the identity of a suspicious caller, especially when the victim of such questionable calls is your teenage child.

A registered address keeps you ahead of the caller since you know where they live, or at least, the last known address.

Registered owner

A name is even more helpful when dealing with a suspicious caller as you have something tangible to work with. You may also realize your relationship with the suspicious caller after you find out the registered owner of the device.


With reverse phone lookup services like NumLooker, you can get access to verifiable photos of the registered owner. This could provide an informed decision consequently. 

Social media profiles

NumLooker gives an insight into how a suspicious caller thinks. Sometimes, a picture and an address are not enough to truly understand a person. However, most people can be studied effectively through their social media profiles.

How to Use Number Search Services in NumLooker? 

Using the search services in NumLooker is pretty straightforward. This may be attributed in part to NumLooker’s efforts toward ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Here’s how to use the number search services in NumLooker. 

Visit the NumLooker reverse phone lookup online utility.

Simply visit the NumLooker website to get access to the search bar. Ensure to have your phone number ready. 

It is advised that users copy and paste cell phone numbers to be queried to avoid mistakes, especially when querying cell phone numbers for comprehensive reports.

Input the cell phone number

Paste the suspicious cell phone number in the search box and click ‘search’. Also, remember to follow the format provided in the search box when posting the cell phone number.

View reports

You may now view the reports based on the information available on the queried cell phone number. To reiterate, comprehensive reports often offer much more information than basic reports. This also means that they’d cost you.

Why is NumLooker the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Online? 

NumLooker remains a foremost reverse phone lookup utility in its industry accounting for over 10 million cell phone queries annually. 

A number of factors are fundamental to the popularity NumLooker enjoys among its target demographic. Some of these factors include:


A background check is so-called because the target has no idea they are being checked. NumLooker ensures that the confidentiality of its users and associated searches are held in high regard.

Extensive Database

NumLooker has a rather extensive database in comparison with most other reverse phone lookup utilities. With access to regularly updated public records, users of NumLooker have access to this extensive database.


NumLooker offers a unique proposition for mitigating the unknowns in a technologically dynamic world. 

By offering extensive, and regularly updated data sourced from reliable public sources, you can be sure to get reliable information on all suspicious cell phone numbers. 

Its exceptionally easy-to-use interface also makes it popular among the target demographic. Plus, free basic reports and redirects to other partner websites in the event of inadequate information on a query make it exceptionally reliable.

NumLooker, unlike most reverse phone lookup utilities, is available in all states of the U.S regardless of legislation in the state.

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