Why does a student hire an essay writing service?

An extensive liberal arts education has long been thought to include essay writing as a key component. One of the defining characteristics of scholarship is the capacity for beautiful and convincing essay writing.

By many criteria, a student is not a good student if, by the time they graduate, they are unable to write adequately. Students today are inundated with essay-writing assignments, perhaps as a result of the significance placed on writing in curriculum. From middle school through doctoral study, this is the norm. The percentage of a student’s grade in an average college class that is made up of short essays, term papers, and other writing-related assignments might range from 20 to 80%.

Currently, there is a lot of pressure on students to create numerous papers that are A-quality each semester. Students have, as usual, come up with creative solutions to the issue as the pressure has increased. Teachers and instructors are gradually becoming aware of the fact that more students than they previously thought use purported “essay writing services” to complete their assignments. Whether or not these online essay writing services constitute cheating depends on who you ask.

What Are Writing Services for Essays?

Essay writing services have increased dramatically in recent years. Despite the fact that these services are aimed at professionals and corporations, many students also use them due to the reasonable service fees. To have an essay written for them, students employ essay writing services. The course materials for the writing services may be supplied by the student.

Getting someone else to do your writing is considered cheating by the majority of professors and teachers. Perhaps not all people always view it in that manner. Most essay writers merely polish their original versions for a better mark.

Of course there are issues with internet essay writing services in the classroom. First of all, they never have the opportunity to get better at writing since they don’t do it. Additionally, they are passing off someone else’s work as their own, which is academically speaking equivalent to cheating.

But should essay writing services be outlawed completely in light of these arguments? Probably not. There is always a way for students to violate the rule.

Dealing With The “Problem”

It’s important to analyse whether the issue is with the way recent curricula are created or the essay writing services. Why are course requirements so burdensome that students end to paying people to complete their assignments online?

The writing that serious academics produce is a significant criterion. If a study paper is poorly written, no one will take it seriously. It goes without saying that areas like language and history benefit from strong writing.

The standards and quantity of writing assignments that professors and teachers require from their pupils should also be taken into account. The value of writing proficiency should be effectively conveyed to the students. For the STEM kids who don’t think it matters at all, this is very crucial.

If a student is having trouble writing, they might possibly be given more time to complete their job or offered further guidance.

Writing skills are undoubtedly crucial for a liberal arts education.


Students shouldn’t ever find themselves in a situation where they must use services like online essay writing. But essay writing services help students in achieving good grades and save their time.

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