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Ideas for Dark Kitchen Cabinets


Whenever you decide to build a new kitchen you found yourself in a dilemma that which style and which colour of kitchen cabinets will suit the most, white colour cabinets or dark colour cabinets. The Colour of kitchen cabinets plays an important role in making our kitchen beautiful and attractive. Dark colour cabinets increase the beauty of your kitchen. Dark kitchen cabinets look beautiful with light coloured design.

Reasons to choose dark kitchen cabinets:

There are many reasons to choose dark colour cabinets for your kitchen. Some of the main and common reasons are described below:

  • They are in style:

The main reason to choose dark colour cabinets for kitchen is that they are in style. Almost 45% of people choose white cabinet for their kitchen but 55% of people choose dark colour cabinets for their kitchen. Dark blue kitchen cabinets and modern dark brown kitchen cabinets are in style.

  • Hide scratches:

Dark colour cabinets are the best choice for people who have children or pets at their houses because when young children go to the kitchen, they often mark lines on the kitchen’s cabinet. These scratches are clearly visible on light colour cabinets but not clearly visible on the dark colour.

  • Hide stains:

If your kitchen cabinets are of light colour ( like white, skin or some other colour ) then stains will appear on them clearly, but these stains hide on dark colour cabinets. So, it’s better to choose dark cabinets for your kitchen.

  • Provides a feeling of luxury kitchen:

Dark cabinets are more attractive and provide your kitchen with a beautiful and unique look. And they provide you with a feeling of a luxury kitchen.

  • Provide more colour options:

More options are available in dark colour cabinets. That’s mean you have many choices, so that will be easy for you to choose the best one.

You must hire kitchen renovation companies for giving the best look to your kitchen. Before deciding the colour of your kitchen cabinet, tell the size of your kitchen to the designer, they will give you the best advice. If there is a small space for your kitchen then you should not select dark coloured cabinets for your kitchen because if you select light coloured cabinets for a small kitchen then your kitchen seems huge.

Best ideas for dark kitchen cabinets:

It’s very difficult to decide that which coloured cabinets suit your kitchen most. Here are some ideas that can help you in selecting the best contrast for dark kitchen cabinets.

  • Dark green kitchen cabinets:

Dark green kitchen cabinets look very beautiful with white coloured design and lining. Dark green kitchen cabinets are classy and a source of attraction for many people. The special characteristic that makes dark green kitchen cabinets different from other cabinets is that the spots and stains are less visible in black colour.

  • Dark grey kitchen cabinets:

Many people select dark grey kitchen cabinets instead of brown, white and black cabinets because gray colour looks decent and it is a good choice. But dark grey kitchen cabinets don’t hide spots like black cabinets.

  • Dark brown kitchen cabinets:

Like dark brown kitchen cabinets, stains are less visible on light brown coloured cabinets. Dust is less visible on it. Read more about Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets.

How much do dark kitchen cabinets cost?

The cost of kitchen cabinets depends upon the size of the cabinets you want, the colour of the cabinet and the type of material used in making your cabinet. Kitchen cabinets cost a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $ 1,300 per linear foot. It may cost $5000+ per unit.

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