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Floor to Ceiling kitchen cabinets


Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets is usually called pantry or tall cabinets. These cabinets extend from floor to the ceiling that’s why they are called floor to ceiling cabinets. These cabinets are in style and play an important role in making your kitchen beautiful and attractive. These cabinets provide you with more space for keeping small things in them. It’s totally your choice that which type of cabinets you want.

Reasons why to choose floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets:

Floor to ceiling cabinets are very helpful. There are many reasons to choose these tall cabinets for your kitchen, some of the main reasons are described below:

  1. Increases storage:

It provides you space for the things that you don’t use daily and also provides space for placing the things that have to be used occasionally. You can put things in the upper cabinets that you need once or twice a year.

  1. Eliminate dust:

When the cabinets are not extended to the ceiling, dust gathers on the upper surface of the cabinet that is on the top, because you can’t clean it regularly. But if your cabinets are extended from floor to ceiling then there is no space where the dust will accumulate. So, it reduces dust.

  1. Enhances the beauty of your kitchen:

Floor to ceiling cabinets or pantry cabinets enhances the beauty of your kitchen. They give an attractive look to your kitchen.

Things to ponder before deciding the design of your kitchen’s cabinet:

There are many things that you have to notice before designing the cabinets of your kitchen. Some of these are described here in detail:

  • Size of your kitchen:

When you decide to install cabinets in your kitchen, you should look at the size of your kitchen, that which type of cabinets will suit your kitchen. Because if you have a large size kitchen then floor to ceiling cabinets are the best choice. But if the size of your kitchen is small then you should not select tall cabinets because they cover a large part of your kitchen.

  • The material used in making cabinets:

You should plan such cabinets that have enough storage place. Always select the best material for your cabinets. Many good materials are available in the market for making kitchen cabinets, so you should select the material that lasts the longest. You should notice the height of the ceiling of your kitchen. And finalize the length and width of the cabinets.

Benefits of floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets:

There are many benefits of floor to ceiling cabinets, some benefits are described below:

Clean kitchen:

When you have a number of cabinets then you can set up all things in a better way, and your kitchen will look neat and clean always. Read more about Commercial cleaning services near me.

A place for less used items:

You will get the place for keeping the things that you use occasionally. Because upper cabinets are difficult to open and can’t be opened in a daily routine, so these cabinets are the best place to store things that are not used daily.

How much floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets cost?

The cost of the installation of kitchen cabinets depends upon the material used in making cabinets. And on the number of cabinets installed in your kitchen. Normally installation of floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets almost costs $6,440. installation of these cabinets costs a minimum of $2,800 and a maximum of $11,700.

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