How to Clean Aquarium Gravel? Easy to Use Ways

Are you wondering about the benefits of gravel in an aquarium? Your curiosity is understandable. Gravel provides a home for beneficial bacteria that eliminate waste products in the tank and can even help keep the water clean for a long time.

The easier steps can help to clean the gravel easily. It also creates a comfortable habitat for fish which reduces their stress levels.

With these benefits, adding some gravel may be worth considering as part of your regular maintenance routine, significantly if you’re already changing the water frequently.

Gravel can create a home for beneficial bacteria. These colonies of good bacteria eliminate waste products and provide a healthy environment. You may have noticed that some people don’t put any gravel in their aquariums at all.

Are you unsure whether or not this is necessary? Here’s why it’s recommended. The more comfortable the habitat for your animals, the better they’ll feel when living there.

Another question popping about cleaning gravel is whether can you use bleach to clean aquarium gravel? It is not suggested to use chemicals and bleach while cleaning your aquarium gravel because it is harmful to the fish.

For more info on how to clean aquarium gravel or any other aspect of caring for aquatic animals, check out this blog post and resolve your queries.

How to Clean Aquarium Gravel with Simple Ways?

Cleaning the aquarium gravel is easier if you know the proper cleaning ways. Most of the people thought about how to clean aquarium gravel before use? What are the steps to continue for better cleaning?

For that purpose, here are the ways you can clean the aquarium gravel.

Way 1: Unplug the Things

Unplugging your water heater, filter, and air pump can make the process of cleaning your aquarium easier. The first step is unplugging all running appliances to avoid shocking or harming any organisms living in the tank.

However, you decide to clean up this mess, it’s essential not to use soap since soap could harm fish or plants if left behind on rocks or other surfaces after rinsing off.

There will likely still be some bacteria present without these chemicals, so rinse thoroughly before plugging back into an outlet.

Way 2: Submerge

Most people got confused about how to clean aquarium gravel with live plants? So, it is essential to unplug all the things. If you want to get your aquarium gravel cleaned, one of the best ways is by using a vacuum cleaner.

Many people don’t know how to use a digital aquarium water tester, and they end up getting frustrated when trying it. Submerge the kit in water to have no air left inside it. You can use the aquarium gravel vacuum cleaning kit to get rid of old water.

Put the bucket below the aquarium level, then start the vacuum process by submerging the kit in your tank. Make sure that you have a siphon vacuum tube wholly inside of it.

The process is simple, but there are a few other things to know about before getting started. For example, if you’re doing this with live fish or plants, try not to let them touch any part of the hose, so they don’t get sucked up into it.

This will also ensure that no plant leaves or pieces of algae go down into your filter, where they could clog it up over time.

Way 3: Inside Tube Movement

Up-down motion starts moving the tube inside the water in small up-down movements about 2 to 4 inches. Keep it above the gravel until water flows through the tube into the bucket below. There should be enough space for the dirt to pour down into the bucket.

Way 4: Use Vacuum

Thinking about how to clean aquarium gravel without a vacuum is possible. Using a vacuum is a time-tested, easy way to clean aquarium gravel. After establishing a flow, move the tube over the whole gravel surface to get the entire grime.

To have better cleaning results, move the gravel vacuum into the substrate. Make sure the tube might suck in a few pebbles. But be careful that these pebbles must come out when you raise the line.

Way 5:  Tank Filling & Cleaning

After filling the seventy-five percent tank with water, turn the gravel vacuum tube in the water and take it from the tank to drain out via tubing support.

Moreover, another query is how to clean aquarium gravel without removing water common among users. Yes, it can be done by using a vacuum kit.

After trying all these ways, the final thing is to check the gravel cleaning level and put back everything in the tank to keep your fish clean and happy.

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