Before You Flush it all, call a Plumber Near You; When and Why you call the Professionals

Are you considering a DIY plumbing project? What happens when the project goes beyond your YouTube skill set? Will your insurance cover the damages? You could have your hands full of problems in no time.

Do you have a plumbing emergency right now? Call FXD Plumbing. Professional plumbers are more than component replacers. Plumbers are fluid dynamics specialists. They deal in the movement and handling of gas and fluids. They are pipe and gas fitters. They can design a gas or water plumbing system, and install and maintain it. Do not underestimate the power of professional tradies.

Other than accredited training and education from a technical or trade school there are steps you could take to address simple plumbing issues in safety on your own. If you are a homeowner, you should have basic skills to help mitigate 3rdparty costs.

  • Learn how to clean your water heater and when.
    • Test your water system pressure and understand the desired safe parameters.

Keeping your drains clear will save a lot of money

  • Prevention is easier than clean-up. Use grates, screens, traps, and separators to stop debris from getting in
    • Purchase a simple mechanical drain tool such as a snake, to open slow drains
    • Back-up chemical options are effective for emergencies, be prepared for fumes. Read and follow all instructions
    • Do not flush odd materials of any type down the dunny.
    • Pouring chemicals, paints, thinners, oils, greases, or other caustic fluids into your municipal water system via your skins, or other drains is a crime with significant consequences.

Rent and lease contracts should stipulate all repair and maintenance responsibilities to the applicable parties. The property owner should have phone numbers for all emergency contacts in their absence.

Emergency calls are expensive. Plumbing is physically demanding work. After a full day of work, a plumber gets called for extra hours. Plumbers respect emergencies and adjust scheduled work with customers to accommodate or work extra hours on an already demanding day. Have your insurance information ready and take lots of pictures.

Professional carpentry, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing tradesmen have industry connections and relationships built over years of work interactions. They have access to a knowledge base the internet would be fond of. There is more trick to a trade than removal and replacement.

Look for insured plumbers near you. Your property, your family, and the plumber’s work should be insured. In the physical world we live in, things happen. Check your homeowner or renters’ insurance for applicable coverage.

The underdeveloped residential home construction workforce is causing problems, but not for plumbers. They are in high demand, with average wages over $82,500/yr, and the option to work in any city, even outside of Australia. Our government has recognised the workforce shortfalls and is incentivizing educational growth and apprenticeships in the trades to the tune of $17.6 billion.

Maybe you should seek more plumbing training after all.

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