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If you’ve been following our weekly series called How to speak Spanish like a native, you’ve already learned some essential phrases you can use when you’re cleaning your home. But if you want to really master the art of cleaning in Spanish, you need to know a few more phrases. Let’s start with the basics: Cábala (“Cabal”)  the verb that literally translates to “clean.” You can say cábala when you’re telling someone that you want them to clean a specific room of their home or when you want to tell them that they’re cleaning up the kitchen (which translates to “cábalo” in Spanish). Cábalemos  This one’s super easy, you can say it when you’re asking someone to do a chore for you.

Cleaning in spanish: the process

If you need a cleaning in spanish, here is what you should know: 1. Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, grime, stains, and dust from surfaces and objects. 2. Cleaning is an art, not a science because there is no perfect formula for success. 3. To clean well you need good tools, time, and patience. 4. There are many types of cleaners: water-based, alcohol-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly, etc. 5. There are many ways to clean, including dry, wet, steam, vacuum, and the air. 6. Cleaning is a way to declutter your life and take care of yourself in a healthy way

 Cleaning in spanish: the tools

You probably already have some cleaning equipment at home – a broom, dustpan, mop, trash bag, broom cleaner, washing machine, and dryer. But, if you’re starting out, it can be a challenge to find everything you need to get started. The most important thing to remember is that there are no rules for cleaning. The only thing that’s required is that you follow the basic principles of a good cleaning. These principles can help you choose the right tools for the job and keep the place clean.

 What are the importance Cleaning In Spanish?

 The importance of cleaning services in Spain is very high. Due to the lack of time and the high demand, the demand of cleaning services is constantly growing in the last few years. The Spanish people are moving towards a modern way of life and are seeking a better environment for themselves. Housekeeping services are a key factor in our lives. They provide us with a clean, fresh and safe environment, making us feel at ease and comfortable.

 what are the benefits of Cleaning In Spanish?

Cleaning in spanish: the benefits A clean home or office is appealing, but it’s not just the visual effect of a clean space that makes it desirable. A clean living or working environment is an indication of a healthy lifestyle. It’s also a way to reduce stress and improve mood. For example, if you’re a parent, having a clean home can help you be more productive. If you’re a doctor, a clean office means you’re taking your work seriously.

What to Expect from Cleaning In Spanish?

For years, the only language most of us spoke was English, and our homes were clean because they were made in America, so why shouldn’t the rest of our lives be the same? Today, the globalization of the economy means that many Spanish-speaking people around the world are buying American-made products. So, while your home may still be clean, it’s just as likely that it’s dirty thanks to imported goods from Mexico.


In conclusion, when cleaning in Spanish, we have to know our target market. The first thing to do is understand the habits of those who spend time around you and learn what they expect in terms of cleanliness. Then, start asking the questions that will help you identify their concerns and needs. Finally, be sure to ask how they would like to see their home cleaned.


1. What’s the difference between cleaning and vacuuming?

Cleaning is more thorough than vacuuming. It includes cleaning all the surfaces in your house. Vacuuming is more like dusting.

2. How do I clean a room?

Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Sweep or mop the floor. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the walls.

3. How do I clean a toilet?

To clean a toilet, use a mixture of water and bleach. You can also use a toilet brush and vinegar.

4. What are the most important things to remember when cleaning?

First, make sure you have the right cleaning supplies. Use the right products for the job.

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