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Is professional couch cleaning worth it?


Couches are the main part of your living room and  need special care. Many people spend a long time on their sofas. If couches are not cleaned regularly then germs and dirt gather on them. Therefore it’s necessary to clean your couches regularly. You should get your couches cleaned by professionals one to two times a year. But if you have kids in your home then you should get professional cleaning 3 to 4 times per year.

Why professional couch cleaning is necessary?

Most people thought that they can clean their couch themselves ,then why they should hire the professionals.

  1. By professional cleaning, deep bacteria and germs are killed by using non toxic chemicals. Then the risk of spreading infections decreases.
  2. They remove all the stains and help you in maintaining the beauty, color and texture of your sofas.
  3. It removes all the odors. Some odors are not removed by regular cleaning. You may use room fresheners to get rid of these smells but this is not a permanent solution .The permanent solution is to get your couches cleaned by the professionals who are trained to deal with such problems.
  4. Professional couch cleaning is the best way to increase the life of your sofa.
  5. Couch professional cleaning will sanitize your couches. Therefore you need to pay attention towards the cleaning of your furniture.
  6. They use green products in place of harmful chemicals to clean the stains.

How professionals clean your couch ?

Here we will discuss the process used by professionals for your couch cleaning:

Firstly ,they inspect your sofa. Figure out, from which type of material your couch is made and match a suitable couch cleaner fabric. Next they remove the pillows and start vacuuming your sofa then spray the chemical which is best for the material of your couch. They use soft brushes to remove dust and stains. Next they will do the steam cleaning( help to maintain texture) that clears all the germs. Read more about office cleaning.

Benefits of professional couch cleaning:

Following are the some benefits of it :

  • It’s the fast and most efficient way to give a fresh look to your couches with minimum effort.
  • Couch cleaning costs less than buying the new one.
  • Cleaning companies use process like steam cleaning that not only clean your couches but also sanitize them protect you from many microorganisms.
  • Professional couch cleaners are trained to deal with all types of couch material. They use high quality fabrics ( which are environment friendly ) to clean your furniture.
  • Maintain the beauty of your living room.

How long does it take for professional couch cleaning?

It depends upon number of couches and cushions. A three piece sofa set takes almost 3 to 4 hours to be cleaned deeply. However, couches take 5 to 8 hours to dry after steam cleaning. Read more about how long does plumbers putty take to dry.

How much professional couch cleaning costs:

Large couches costs almost $100 to $300 and small couches costs almost $200.

2 seater couch             $57

3 seater couch             $77

4 seater couch             $100

National average        $168

Typical range                $120 to $225.

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