How to Choose the Right Survival Knife for Wilderness Adventures

Those who love outdoor activities and adventures are aware of how important it is to use the right equipment and tools. However, if you lack sufficient knowledge and experience you might find it tricky to find all the best equipment. Knives are crucial for outdoor activities, so if you’re looking to purchase a new knife then it’s important to know what exactly you’re looking for. So for that particular reason, here are the necessary things you should pay attention to when buying a survival knife for your wilderness adventures.

The type of steel matters

This is important because you should aim to get a knife made of steel that remains sharp over time. Solid carbon steel knives aren’t the best choice, as they are brittle and difficult to sharpen, which is why they should be avoided when it comes to outdoor activities. The knife made of medium-hard steel is the most practical and can be shared with any of the widely available materials. Generally, stainless steel is your safest choice, as it’s most commonly found in different knives. However, if food prep is your main priority, then carbon steel might be a better choice since it’s favored by many chefs.

Multipocket knives might not be the best choice

If this comes like a huge surprise, bear with us for a bit. Sure, multi-tool pocket knives can be handy in numerous situations, but they’re not always the safest bet if you want to do other things, such as chopping wood for the fire. A foldable pocket knife can be an excellent self-defense tool in urban areas, but when it comes to wilderness, it’s better to opt for a sturdy knife that will allow you to perform some heavy actions with it. But, if you still want to have a multi-tool pocket knife on you, then feel free to do so, as it’s safe to say that you can definitely benefit from carrying it with you no matter where you go.

Consider automatic otf knives

In case you value precision and speed, then you can opt for an automatic otf knife, as you’ll likely be pleased with it. This type of knife can be opened with a slide of a button, which can be super practical if you love outdoor activities. Also, these types of knives are very lightweight and easy to handle. However, since such knives tend to have a smaller blade, they can be used for wood cutting, food preparation, and providing security. These types of knives are durable and a great investment, as they’re made to withstand everyday use. Durability is an importnat factor when choosing a new knife for outdoor activities.

What about fixed-blade knives?

Now, this is something that deserves to be mentioned, mainly if you’re focused on rough work, because fixed-blade knives are bigger and more powerful. Since they’re bigger, they can easily replace an axe, which is convenient as you’ll need one less tool to carry if you’re going camping. If you’re new to handling knives, then it’s best to opt for a more compact and smaller model, as it will be easier for you to avoid potential injuries. Fixed-blade knives are excellent for hunting, digging, cutting, splitting and hammering. They’re also a great first-aid tool, so it can be a great choice for a first-time knife owner.

Self-defense is also an important concern

Sometimes, a danger can come close without you even noticing it, and in that case, it’s important to be prepared to defend yourself. A tactical knife for self-defense can, therefore, be a great choice. Of course, using a weapon to defend yourself should be your last resort, but if personal safety is your big concern, mainly while out in the wilderness, you need to be prepared. Tactical knives aren’t made with hunting in mind, their main purpose is to make sure that you survive a potential attack since they have clip point blades aimed for piercing.

Spending time outdoors, especially in the wilderness means you have to be prepared and well-versed in hunting, food prep, self-assessment and sometimes also self-defense. Choosing the right survival knife will ensure that you have a carefree and secure experience while spending time exploring wilderness.

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