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The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are realizing they can live a fulfilling life while traveling the world, working remotely, and enjoying the benefits that come with it. In fact, it’s estimated that there are over half a million people living this way right now. However, being a successful digital nomad requires lots of equipment. Here is the best digital nomad packing list for your trip:

1.  A Great Camera

A great camera is essential for a digital nomad. You can use your camera to capture memories, and you can also use it to make money. You need a camera that is portable, reliable, and easy to use. You don’t want to be stuck with a bulky DSLR while you are traveling around the world. A point-and-shoot or mirrorless camera will be much easier to carry around with you on your travels. There are many great cameras available for under $300 online right now.

2.  Good Headphones

It can also pay to invest in good headphones. Digital nomads need to be able to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand, so having the right tools for the job is very important. If you’re working on your laptop or computer, there’s nothing worse than having someone nearby making loud noises or talking loudly while you are trying to write a report or edit some content.

Headphones are great for blocking out background noise from other people around you so that you can focus on your own work without distractions. They come in all shapes and sizes for different purposes too from wireless Bluetooth headsets that sit comfortably over your ears when wearing them for hours at a time (great if you want something comfortable), to wired headsets that might need charging up once in a while but offer higher quality sound reproduction due to the better components used inside them (ideal if you want high-end audio).

3.  A Good Laptop

When deciding which laptop you should buy, consider the following:

  • Weight and portability: A lightweight, portable laptop will make your life much easier when it comes to traveling and carrying your belongings around. Consider how often you will be moving between locations and whether you’re going to be doing so by plane/train/bus or on foot (or bicycle). It’s also important that your computer is easy for other people in your group or family members to carry at times when you’re not using it yourself. If everyone has one bag of stuff, then that’s one more thing for someone else to carry. If this sounds like an issue for you, perhaps look into getting something lighter than the average 15-inch screen size.
  • Battery life: This can vary wildly from model to model (some laptops have much longer lifespans than others), but with a few exceptions, most standard models last between five hours and eight hours with regular use (which includes browsing websites like Facebook). If this isn’t enough time away from an outlet after all those months spent in the office where outlets were readily available at all hours of day or night. Then maybe reconsidering some things before taking off on this adventure again would be worth considering.

4.  Think About Software

You can’t forget about software. Software is important because it can help you work more efficiently, collaborate with your team and clients, communicate better, brainstorm ideas, stay connected with family and friends, etc.

It’s also worth noting that some apps require an internet connection to run (like Slack). So make sure you have a VPN service installed on your devices so that you can use apps even if there isn’t wifi available.

5.  A Notebook Program

For instance, a notebook program can be a great asset for your work. It’s easy to lose track of time when travelling, so having an app that lets you review your tasks and appointments each day can help you manage your time better. Additionally, it’s helpful to have access to all of your contacts in one place and let’s face it: It’s hard not to make new friends when living abroad. A contact management system will ensure that all of the important people in your life don’t get lost in the shuffle between locations.

And if you’re hoping to get any work done while on the road, then it’s important that you have some way of collaborating with others online. A virtual meeting space like Zoom or Google Hangouts allows teams across different locations and time zones to collaborate on projects together via video chat or voice calls as needed whether they’re sitting in their own homes or sharing an office space somewhere else entirely.

6.  A Security Software

On the subject of information security, it can pay to invest in some decent security software. This means using a password manager, two-factor authentication (where available), and keeping your computer protected with anti-virus software. Once you’ve done this, make sure you regularly check that all of your devices are fully updated with the latest patches so they don’t fall victim to hackers or viruses.


No matter how long your trip is, it’s important to stay organized and keep track of all the stuff you need. If you want to be a successful digital nomad and make sure everything goes smoothly on your travels, then you should definitely consider making a packing list before taking off.

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