Dumpor – Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously

Instagram users are always in search of to download their favorite content to watch offline later. So this problem is solved and this is a piece of great news for all the users of Instagram, that now they can view other people’s stories.

The more interesting part of this good news is that the person whose story you watch will not be notified about this action. It means your act will be like a ghost.

Without wasting any time I am going to mention the website name through which you will be able to view other people’s stories and that’s known as dumpor.

About dumpor Instagram

This website does not only helps Instagram users in viewing stories but also allows users to view favorite profiles, reels, followers, tagged posts, stories IG and lots more.

One good thing about dumpor Instagram is that this is a free website and you do not need any type of subscription or monthly packages.

How to use dumpor Instagram

The using method of this website is very easy and you do not need rocket science for that. After visiting dumpor com you will find a big search bar. Where you can search Instagram profile, location, or even a tag.

As you can see the working principle of dumpor com is easy as well as without hesitation. Because you do not need to download it, just by visiting the website you can view all the scenarios of Instagram.

The other best option is that for viewing any content of Instagram people does not need to be regular/active user of Instagram. This is amazing because you are not an active member of one of the famous social media apps Instagram but are still able to view different activities.

By default trending profiles

After scrolling down from a search bar you will see lots of profiles. All these profiles are currently on-trend. So the trending content of Instagram can be found here without facing any problem.

Popular hashtags

At the end of the menu page of Instagram dumpor there is another heading by the name of the popular hashtags. Every single hashtag is the location of the hot topic that’s leading nowadays on the Instagram platform.

Download option

After selecting your favorite content on Instagram dumpor you have two options. You can read or watch it here, or if you want you can download it to your gallery.

And the downloading idea is amazing because Instagram does not allow any users to download the video directly.

Downloading quality

The big problem that arises during downloading something from apps is the quality. The quality of the picture or video in most cases does not remain the same. But dumpor Instagram has another plan for the users. And it does not corrupt the quality of content during downloading.

Dumpor Instagram gives you more power

After looking at the features of dumpor we can conclude that this tool gives you more access. Those activities which are prohibited and not allowed on the Instagram app are allowed here.

Such as downloading data of any Instagram users, viewing stories of the person but anonymously. These activities are not allowed there, you cannot download videos, and cannot see the stories anonymously on the direct Instagram app.

Is it legal to use dumpor Instagram?

After reading all the powerful features of dumpor the next question in the mind of the visitors is is it safe to use dumpor? Or is it legal to use this website?

So the answer is as simple as your question, yes this is a safe and legal way to use this website for all the above-mentioned activities.

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