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Wawa company has a rich history that goes back to 1803. In the beginning, this company worked as an iron foundry. After that in 1980, the company shifted its business to Delaware country and worked on a dairy farm.

Now the current business of Wawa company is the convenience store where you can easily find everyday items. Apart from this they also have gas stations located in different states of America. The states where they have the gas station include Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Washington new jersey, etc.

Wawa held the position of the largest convenience store chain in Greater Philadelphia as of 2008 and ranked as the third-largest food retailer in the region, following Acme Markets and ShopRite.

In this article, we will inform you about the accident that happened at the Wawa convenience store and gas station. Wawa clarified to their customers that they have found the malware on their payment processing. And they also mentioned that the malware may affect all 700 of its locations across five states since March.

Data breach incident at Wawa convenience stores

According to Verge’s official website convenience wawalyons theverge wawa displayed a notification on 10 December 2019 where they mentioned that they find a suspicious malware step in their payment process and they warn their customers through that notification that be aware while making a transaction. 

One concerning aspect of the data breach at Wawa convenience stores was the delay in detecting the presence of malware on their payment processing servers. Despite the malware potentially being active since March, it took a considerable amount of time for the company to become aware of the breach.

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Solution of the Data Breach and Ensuring Customer Safety

The data breach incident that plagued Wawa convenience stores took a positive turn on 12th December, just two days after the initial announcement regarding the presence of malware. Wawa’s CEO, Chris Gheysens, came forward with reassuring news, stating that the company had successfully addressed and resolved the malware issue.

Gheysens emphasized the importance of customer safety and assured the public that card transactions at Wawa were now completely secure. He disclosed that crucial security information such as PINs, CVV2 numbers, and in-store ATMs remained unaffected by the breach. While the exact number of customers impacted by the breach remains uncertain, it is noteworthy that Wawa operates numerous stores in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia.

Customer protection and support 

Every business company must ensure the safety measures of all of their customers and employee. This is important because, in today’s world, we completely depend on digital currency in the form of debit cards or credit cards. So for some professionals, it becomes a piece of cake to hack credit card information and breach the data if the company doesn’t pay full attention.

The best example of this is the convenience wawalyons theverge whose customers’ data were breached by someone more than 5 months. In response to the data breach, Wawa convenience stores have taken a proactive approach by assuring their customers that they will not be held responsible for any unauthorized charges. Understanding the potential financial implications and concerns that arise from such incidents, Wawa has taken a stance to protect its customers from any financial burden resulting from fraudulent activities on their compromised cards.

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Offer of Free Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection

To further support and assist affected customers, convenience wawalyons theverge Wawa has decided to offer free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. These services are designed to help customers monitor their credit activities and detect any suspicious or unauthorized transactions promptly. By providing this additional layer of protection, Wawa aims to mitigate the potential risks associated with identity theft and unauthorized use of personal information.

To not lose the company’s reputation wawa has established a dedicated hotline for customers to inquire about the breach, seek guidance, and obtained information regarding the safety steps. The Verge official website convenience wawalyons theverge mentioned the hotline that is 1-844-386-9559.


This was all about convenience wawalyons theverge, Wawa, a renowned convenience store and gas station chain, faced a significant data breach incident involving malware on their payment processing servers. Despite the delay in detecting the breach, the company swiftly took action to resolve the issue and ensure customer safety. Wawa’s CEO reassured customers that card transactions were now secure and unaffected security information, such as PINs and CVV2 numbers. To support affected customers, Wawa offered free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services, demonstrating their commitment to protecting customer information and mitigating risks. By establishing a dedicated hotline, the company provided support and guidance, maintaining transparency and safeguarding their reputation.

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