Why You Should Seek Out A Personal Injury Lawyer With A Track Record Of Success In Similar Cases

If you’ve been injured in an accident or other incident that resulted in an injury or prolonged illness, you probably already know that you should look for an attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills, reimburse you for lost wages, and help compensate you for your pain and suffering. However, you may also make the mistake of thinking that all personal injury lawyers near me are alike.

Here is why you should seek out a personal injury lawyer who has experience and success in working with cases similar to yours.

They Will Know What Evidence to Gather

One of the jobs of your attorney will be to gather evidence to prove that you were not at fault for your injury and that it was the result of someone else’s negligence or purposeful action. However, gathering evidence in a car accident case is much different than gathering it in a medical malpractice case. When you work with an attorney who has a track record of success in cases similar to yours, you will know that he or she will know exactly what evidence is needed to help them settle the claim in your favor or help you win in court.

They Will Have the Right Connections

Personal injury lawyers near me are connected with other attorneys, those in law enforcement, and others throughout the justice system. They may also have a host of expert witnesses and private investigators they work with to help them on cases. When you choose an attorney who specializes in cases like yours, you will know that those connections have worked on similar cases and have proven to be useful to your attorney as he or she tries cases that are like yours.

They Will Know What Amount of Compensation You Deserve

Compensation can vary widely between different types of cases. For example, if you have a minor injury in a car accident, the amount of compensation your attorney will seek will likely be much lower than if you had a loved one die in a wrongful death case. When you work with an attorney who has a track record of success in cases similar to yours, you’ll know that he or she will be able to accurately determine how much compensation you deserve and how to pursue it via insurance settlement or by going to court.

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They Will Know Exactly How to Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Working with an insurance company that insures doctors or surgeons will be much different than working with a car insurance provider. An experienced attorney will know what those differences are and how to best conduct their negotiations to get you fair compensation.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyers Near Me

When you consult with potential personal injury lawyers near me, ask them about the different types of cases they are typically involved with, then ask them to tell you about cases similar to yours. Try to choose an attorney who has worked with multiple cases like yours and who has successfully settled claims in the client’s favor or who has won the majority of cases like yours if they have gone to court. 

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