Best Food Manufacturing Quality Control Software

Quality control software is a must-have for any food manufacturing company. Since food safety is always top of mind, you need to ensure your products are safe for consumption. You can use quality control software to test the quality of your products and test the effectiveness of your cleaning and sanitation procedures. The quality control software can help you ensure that your products meet or exceed all government regulations and standards. There are many different types of quality control software that are used in the food manufacturing industry, but there are some key benefits that each one has to offer. This article will discuss more on the best food manufacturing quality control software by Harrington Group International.

Batch Master ERP

Batch Master is a comprehensive food manufacturing software that allows you to run your business systematically. This food manufacturing software is designed to control the complete process of your business from order entry to delivery of goods at customers’ doorstep. It provides solutions for all your quality issues and helps you automate your manufacturing process, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.


A grapheme is an award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for food manufacturers, distributors and retailers that provides a single system for managing production, distribution and sales functions. This ERP solution helps companies improve efficiency and reduce costs through real-time access to information from any location or device and collaboration capabilities across multiple locations. Grapheme enables effective communication between employees, suppliers, and customers through collaboration tools like email, document management, and online messaging.

Tick Software

Tick is a cloud-based quality control software designed for food and beverage manufacturers. It helps you improve your business processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. The software features intuitive dashboards, customizable workflows and reports, mobile access, etc.


Odoo is an open-source ERP solution that can easily be used across industries and sectors. It is an integrated suite of business applications that makes it easy for organizations to manage their activities from one central location. The solution features modules for finance, CRM, HRM, manufacturing and sales etc., which makes it easy for users to manage their business processes from one dashboard interface.

AmpleLogic eQMS

This program is designed specifically for companies that want to manage quality control. It allows you to create a detailed record of every step in your process, including packaging and shipping. You can also use this program to monitor how well your employees perform their jobs, which can help reduce turnover rates and improve efficiency throughout your company.


FlinkISO is a software that allows you to track the quality of your products during the production and packaging stages and after the packaging process has been completed. It allows you to easily create an ISO-based system for your own business or organization. You can use this ISO system to ensure that all procedures are followed correctly before, during and after production.

Smart Audit

This software is used to manage processes and ensure that they are done properly. It allows you to track every step of production, from raw material tracking to the final delivery of goods. You can also use this software to manage product recall processes, improve product quality, and increase sales.

Smart CAPA

CAPA stands for Corrective Action Preventative Action System, which is used to identify potential problems before they occur and fix them before they become major issues for your company’s productivity or reputation. This type of system allows you to make better decisions about how to handle issues if they do arise so that there are no delays in resolving them when they do come up. is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies manage their quality assurance processes. The system offers test planning, execution, reporting, and analysis features. It can be used to manage tests for any product, such as food, pharmaceuticals and electronics. The platform is ideal for companies that want to streamline their quality control process by centralizing all their tests.


Phronesis is an end-to-end solution for managing the quality assurance processes of food manufacturing companies. It provides features such as test planning, execution, reporting and analysis and a user interface that makes it easy to use for non-technical users without requiring them to learn any software programming languages or databases. The platform comes with many prebuilt modules that can be customized according to individual needs and requirements to be integrated with existing systems seamlessly without any additional development work required on your part.

Wrapping Up

HGI company for quality control software is an important part of any manufacturing process because it helps automate and streamline the production process. It also allows you to monitor your inventory, generate reports, and make decisions based on data collected from your business operations.

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