Why Enroll Your Child in Dance & Guitar Lessons? Tune in

Art and creativity goes hand in hand! It’s every parent’s dream to raise their child with the best moral values and standard education to make them capable to combat challenges. But, apart from all this hustle, there has to be a separate room for entertainment that could provide the space to recognize their hidden skills.

Once my teacher said;

Art enables you to interpret life and things in your own way. It asks you to share your perception. So for, its dance and music.Her statement reminds me of the best quote;

“The truest expression of the soul lies in dance & music. Music is abstract of art, and dance is concrete indicating secret language of soul.”

For me, the example of enrolling children into dance and music is like rewarding them with their favorite dessert after convincing them to eat something forcibly. This is how a bit of creativity and entertainment works in nourishing their soul.

The purpose of writing this insightful post is to draw parent’s attention towards the significant reasons for providing their children with dance and guitar lessons. Think of it as a significant part of children’s education that promptly boosts their creative skills and physical activity.

Below, we’re going to cover the striking benefits of enrolling your child with dance &music lessons, things to consider for choosing best studio, and some top recommended names of dance studios in Tucson.

Benefits of Enrolling your Child in Music / Guitar Lessons

When you enroll your child in music lessons, they will experience three big benefits.

  • Music lessons help children learn to read & write – Studies have shown that children enrolled in music lessons have a higher reading level than those who do not participate in any type of music education.
  • Music lessons help children develop their creative side -Creativity is a valuable skill that can help children in all endeavors of life, from school to their future careers.
  • Develop Concentration – Learning guitar helps develop concentration skills in children, as they strictly focus on a specific task over extended periods. Once they grasp developing focus, they’ll likely retain it while studying other educational subjects.
  • Boost Self-Confidence–When you provide an opportunity to learn guitar to your kids, they get the best chance to develop self-confidence. It’s often believed that children who practice creativity and self-expression through the practice of playing guitar, they usually turn out to be better communicators and happier individuals.

If you are looking for guitar lessons Tucson, Arizona, I recommend going to the Music and Dance Academy. A hub of online and regular music/dance academies. However, there are few other top names for dance studios Tucson.

Top 5 Dance Studios in Tucson, Arizona

  1. Danswest Studio

This highly sought-after dance studio with wide options of dance classes for students to socialize and learn. They further provide opportunities to make new friends while boosting their skills.

Moreover, the cooperative dance instructors help their students unleash their potential and show them directly to step out of the box. All event programs are designed for the students to let their inner dancers come free.

  1. Drop Dance Studio

This top dance studio offers classes for beginners and experienced dancers ranging from 5 to Adults. Foundation and choreography classes in Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Whacking, and other streets/club styles are what you’ll learn here at The Drop.

  1. Floor Polish Dance

This dance studio is mainly related with fitness dance classes, thus offers affordable fitness classes in various styles, from Flamenco, Femme, Cardio dance, Zumba, Bachata & Kizomba, to strength and tone classes like;Strong Butt, Total Bod, and Strong Start.

  1. Fred Astaire Dance School

It’s a full-service ballroom dance studio that aims to reduce stage fear in children by teaching them how to be confident, and perform on the dance floor. They offer both group and private dance classes at reasonable prices.

What they offer:

Latin-American dance classes, &ballroom dance classes,

  1. Music and Dance Academy

Started as a small studio but has grown to become the largest music and dance school in Tucson.This dance academy is affiliated with Tucson and Oro Valley arts organizations, businesses, and associations to bring education and enrichment opportunities to their students and the community.

They offer students and faculty concerts, workshops, and masterclasses with leading educators.This is the best dance studio near me in terms of convenience.

Whether you look for online dance classes for adults or regular ones for toddler dance classes, this academy is best for people of all ages. Still, if you ever get confused about which one to choose, then look at the guidelines below;

How to Find the Right Music & Dance Studio for your child?

When you are looking for a music or dance studio for your child, you should take a few things into account.

Age of your child – Most studios have classes for different age ranges, so you can find one that is appropriate. Also, you need to ensure what interests your child the most? What type of dance or music and what type of music or dance your child is interested in.

Consider Your Child’s interest/taste in Dance–Always ensure what your child is interested in? You can’t expect contemporary dancer to play piano, and so, a pianist won’t go for playing flute. You should also consider your budget and whether you want private or group lessons.

The Right Location–location and neighborhood highly matters in choosing suitable dance studio. If your child is young and just starting in dance, you’ll most likely want to pick a school that’s close to home.

Also consider whether it’s close to your child’s academic school. They might make new friends from school in their dance classes.

Performance Opportunities – This may be one of the most essential tips on our list. The dance school you choose should host several performance showcases throughout each year. Also, they should offer opportunities to compete and showcase student progress.

Look for academy that nurtures the performance experience. After all, if your child wants to pursue dance as a career, performance will be a key factor for it

Searching best studio with numerous programs along with virtual dance lessons?Register today at Music Dance Tucson academy!

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