What Is The Difference Between A Degree and A Diploma?

Obtaining a four-year degree was once the most common way to begin a career. However, given the evolution of careers and occupations, there are many more options to consider when looking at starting a new career. Picking the right educational path would not only enable you to distinguish between good and wrong, but it would also eradicate illiteracy, prejudices, and beliefs. Education instills confidence in a person and prepares them to face the future with confidence.

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What is a degree?

A degree is a certificate awarded by a college or university after successful completion of a specified level of study in a chosen stream. In most cases, a degree is a three-or four-year program, depending on the specific course and the university or college attended.

What is a diploma?

A diploma course is mostly a one-or two-year program that is offered by an accredited learning institution. It is more detailed than a certificate, and is usually more technical and detailed. This course provides in-depth knowledge about a specific area of study that you can pursue further when you enroll for a degree. In most instances, diploma programs are field-specific and equip the learner with specific sets of skills and knowledge that are necessary to succeed in the job market today. It’s also quite hands-on and you acquire the necessary skills that you apply every day.

Differences between a degree and a diploma

There are various factors that differentiate between a diploma and a degree, and among them are, but not limited to the  following:

1. Classifications or types

Degrees are usually categorized into undergraduate and graduate degrees. Undergraduate degrees are issued by a university to those who have completed a three-or four-year program and fulfilled all the requirements that have been set by the university or college for the award of the degree. After an undergraduate degree, a learner can go ahead and enroll in more academic programs that will lead to the award of advanced degrees such as master’s and doctorate degrees. A diploma is classified as a “basic diploma,” which is awarded to someone at a basic level. This certification is for those who didn’t have other training prior to getting admitted into a diploma program. Also, there is a postgraduate diploma program that only those with recognized university degrees can enroll in.

2. Duration

In most instances, degree programs take 3 or 4 years. However, there are technical programs such as engineering and medicine which may take 5 or more years. On average, a diploma takes 1-3 years depending on the specialty and how technical it is.

3. Cost

It costs more to study for a degree program than a diploma. This is because of the fact that degree programs cover more units and also take more time than a diploma.

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