What All Can Be Covered In A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If you have been injured at the workplace, you are entitled to receive compensation. There have been several instances when you received injuries while performing your jobs or even fell sick because of the working environment. In such a scenario, all you need to do is to get in touch with a workers’ comp lawyer Virginia Beach. Since he is aware of all the benefits you are entitled to receive, he can educate you so that you don’t miss anything. Some of the benefits covered in workers’ compensation include the following:

Injury or illness you have received

You will need to submit the report of your medical condition whether it is the illness or the injury that you have received due to the work environment. It should be noted that you must report this medical condition within 24-48 hours so that the necessary actions can be taken well in time. However, state laws may vary from one state to another and your attorney will be able to give the best advice. 

Medical expenses 

You will be able to get compensation for all medical expenses you have spent on your medical condition such as tests, scans and X-rays. To obtain these benefits, you need to have all medical bills and receipts. Apart from this, it is highly recommended to give details of expenses on doctor’s visits, and hospital admission. All of these expenses will be covered in your workers’ compensation claim.

Expenses on travel

If you have to travel from one part to another, you will receive the reimbursement for the same. You will need to submit proof of all these travel expenses to the insurer along with the nature of the treatment. They will assess them and reimburse expenses.

Loss of income and disability 

If the person has faced a loss of income because he cannot attend the office for a long time, he may receive compensation. Apart from this, if a person has lost his ability to work on a temporary or permanent basis, you can file for compensation. This is because the person will face financial losses and if he is the sole breadwinner of the family, things may turn more complicated for him.

In case you are getting confused about what you should do to obtain compensation, you should hire an attorney. He will review your case and help you get compensation and justice at the same time.   

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