Useful Websites For Job Seekers

The rapid development of the internet has provided users with access to powerful tools through various applications and websites. Easy access to the internet has revolutionized how we deal with things previously deemed tedious and time-consuming, such as job hunting. Today, we find various tools spread throughout the world wide web that can massively aid job seekers to successfully land their dream job. In this list, we have compiled the most useful and most powerful websites that you should definitely know of as a job seeker.

Resume Nerd

It goes without saying that a well-constructed resume is a job seeker’s most powerful tool for landing a job. Essentially, a resume is a compilation of all your relevant skills and work experiences, making you more suitable for the position you are applying for. Websites such as Resume Nerd provide you with access to all the tools necessary to create an effective resume. Basically, it takes away the complications and technicalities of creating your own personal resume and it suggests ways upon which you can improve your document. Elements such as format, relevant information, styling, and more are already taken care of by the website so you can focus on more important things at hand.


LinkedIn is one of the most consistently top-rated websites out there in terms of utility for job seekers. This website connects you to the world’s largest professional network where you can find the right job or internship opportunity for you. Creating a profile means that a vast array of prospective employers will access your essential information which could eventually lead you to land that opportunity. Additionally, because LinkedIn is globally recognized, you can expand your opportunities beyond the local business and corporate scene.

Alumni association websites

Essentially, an alumni association website keeps you connected with your university even after graduating. However, it is not at all limited to things like keeping you updated with university news or posting reunion notifications. Rather, it could serve as an opportunity for you to land a job or profession directly or indirectly related to your institution’s development. Some alumni association websites also connect you to various companies which could provide you with internship or job opportunities immediately after your studies. Through alumni association websites, students and universities can mutually benefit from opportunities and services brought by these endeavors.

Niche job boards

There are instances where your relevant skills and experience are most suitable in a highly specialized industry. In this case, looking for jobs on niche job boards is a good idea instead of general job-seeking websites. On such a website, the employment process is much more direct because prospective employers are quite specific about the attributes that they are looking for in their next employee. Additionally, if you find yourself more equipped to work in a specific industry, niche job boards have a tendency to highlight your relevant skills and work experiences so that you would not get flooded out in a generalist job website for example. You can also look at recruiting companies, like this marketing recruiters Toronto group, as they will be able to connect you to relevant jobs.

At the end of the day, it is important to understand that job seeking is no simple task. It is naturally tedious and highly competitive, so job seekers are pushed to the edge to get ahead of the competition. However, find comfort in the fact that there are many ways you can take advantage of the internet as a tool to help you achieve your goals. Aside from the aforementioned websites, there are tons more out there that could just be the ones you need to land that dream position.

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