10 Best Practices When Traveling for Work

No matter what industry you’re in, your job may require you to travel for business. It can get exhausting, even if you’ve grown accustomed to going on work trips and using helpful resources such as Zoom Virtual Office. Sometimes it only takes minor changes to create a more tolerable, if not enjoyable, venture. Here are 10 best practices to immediately begin experiencing more comfortable and productive business trips.

1. Avoid Checked Bags

By bringing only carry-on bags, you can avoid the potential for lost luggage at the airport. Traveling light is also more cost-effective and hassle-free than checking luggage.

2. Enroll in Frequent Flyer Programs

Enrolling in a frequent flyer or other rewards programs can help you earn rewards like miles, points or cashback. This is practically like earning a bigger paycheck for your work!

3. Pack for Security Checkpoint Efficiency

Security checkpoints can be a big hassle, especially if you haven’t packed efficiently for them. Keep your electronics and liquids easily accessible. Also, remember to wear shoes that easily slip off and on to save time in these areas.

4. Carry Healthy Snacks

Bring some healthy snacks with you in your bag to access them easily when you feel fatigued. Pack some nuts, dried fruit, or a protein bar for a tasty energy boost that you can eat on the go.

5. Invest in an Airport Lounge Membership

An airport lounge membership can pay off if you fly frequently. These lounges offer more relaxing atmospheres than the common waiting areas, food, and other amenities. It can be an excellent place to read, catch up on work, or learn valuable skills like how to use Virtual Background in Teams.

6. Keep Your Electronics Charged

Try to keep your electronic devices fully charged as much as possible. Any time you’re near an outlet, plug them in. Also, just to be sure, you can get a portable power bank for any emergencies in which there is no outlet available.

7. Print Essential Travel Information

You never know when your phone or another device might die. It could be a tremendous problem if you don’t have the information you need, like confirmation numbers and itineraries. Print these out just to be safe and avoid any disasters.

8. Pack Casual Clothing

Make sure you pack some casual clothing, including comfortable shoes. You may find you have a little time to sightsee or do other fun activities.

9. Work Out Daily

It’s essential to make time for a workout each day, even if it means taking a walk during your lunch hour. Remaining physically active will help you feel better and give you more energy for your daily tasks.

10. Take Comfort Items

Pack some things that will ensure you a more comfortable trip. You may want a cushion for the flight, a favorite pair of pajamas, earbuds or a sleep mask. You never know when you’ll have noisy hotel neighbors or too much light coming through the window.

Start today implementing these practices into your next work trip. Before you go, make sure of the Zoom Backgrounds requirements for upcoming virtual conferences and begin packing your travel essentials.

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